• A Case Study DNA Analysis Writing Assignment

    “The Sad But True Case of Earl Washington:  DNA Analysis and the Criminal Justice System”

    ·       You will write a one and a half to two page report on the effect of DNA fingerprinting on the criminal justice system. 

    ·        We will read the case study of Earl Washington and how DNA fingerprinting and analysis led to a reexamination of his case.


    Your paper must discuss all of the following aspects of the case study and provided resources.

    1.     Describe the mechanics and processes of PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, and STR analysis.

    2.     Explain how the above processes were used in the case of Earl Washington. 

    3.     Choose one other case (from the list below) in which DNA was used to determine the guilt or innocence of an individual. 

    4.     Discuss how science has changed the criminal justice system.


    Resources everyone will use:

    1.     “The Sad But True Case of Earl Washington: DNA Analysis and the Criminal Justice System.” 

    2.     Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Analysis: A Different Crime-Solving Tool

    Choose one of the following: 

    3.     Innocents Convicted: An Empirically Justified Factual Wrongful Conviction Rate

    4.     Proven Guilty: An Examination of the Penalty-Free World of Post-Conviction DNA Testing. 


    Keep in Mind 

    ·       Be sure to use direct quotes from each text to support your answer.   You will use easybib.com to provide proper internal citation format.

    ·       You will submit your final copies to www.turnitin.com 

    ·       Rubric and checklist are attached.