Gives top effort daily, models a high level of participation while demonstrating self-control; self-motivated, committed to improving personal fitness and goals; and encouraging others in a positive manner.   Skill ability is above grade level



    Consistent daily effort, good level of participation, displays quality movement during game play, stays on task, maintains personal fitness and goals.  Grade level appropriate skill



    Needs several reminders to participate and remain on-task; puts forth minimum effort to contribute to team play, does not work hard on personal fitness and goals.   Skill is below age appropriateness.






    Shows exemplary sportsmanship and positive attitude.  Consistently follows rules & protocols; good attitude, and cooperation. 



    Follows rules and proto-cols, plays well when on winning team or when being watched by teacher. Consistent grade appropriate behaviors.  Ability to positively change behaviors.  Exhibits overall positive attitude.



    Excessive socialization, off-task, interferes with class learning, displays a poor attitude towards activity.  Disrespectful responses to adult or peers.




    Uncooperative, displays inappropriate frustration and anger to others.




    Students receive a skill/participation grade each class period.

     Students receive a citizenship grade each class period.