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    To be accepted to a four year college, all students must take a standardized test, either the SAT Reasoning Test, or the ACT.  Some more selective colleges will require students to take SAT Subject Tests.  Both the SAT and the ACT have very thorough websites that will answer various questions.  The links are below.



    General Standardized Testing Time Line
    October of Sophomore Year Pottsgrove High School Requires all Sophomores to take the PSAT, Preliminary SAT/National
    Merit Qualifying Test.  In essence, this is a prep for the SAT.
    October of Junior Year Take the PSAT again In order to possibly qualify as Collegeboard Merit Scholar, the PSAT MUST be     taken in the junior year.  Counselors will visit junior English classes to advertise this opportunity.          
    Taking the PSAT is NOT mandatory for juniors but it is strongly encouraged.
    Spring of Junior Year Take the SAT or ACT.  Students sign up directly on the SAT or ACT website.  If a student            
     is on the free or reduced lunch list, he or she will qualify for a fee waiver. Please ask your counselor for the fee waiver.
     Fall of Senior Year Take the SAT or ACT for a second time.
     SAT Subject Tests SAT Subject Tests should be take as close to the completion of the course as possible.  Students should check each college's admissions requirements to determine if subject tests are required.

    *The above is a suggested timeline.  The SAT or ACT can be taken at different times.  In general, colleges do like to see a junior year test and a senior year test. 
    **A great addition to the above timeline is SAT and/or ACT prep work.  Both websites offer great free help.  In addition, Pottsgrove runs a fall SAT Prep class and a spring SAT Prep class.  Students should listen to announcements and check Naviance Student for more information.  To add to this, Montgomery County Community College runs SAT, ACT and PSAT prep classes throughout the year.
    ***If you are on free/reduced lunch, please ask your counselor for a fee waiver for testing.
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Last Modified on August 19, 2018