Dear Educator,

    On behalf of the administration and staff, I would like to welcome you to the Pottsgrove School District!  

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires all newly hired teachers to participate in a formal Induction Program.  The Pottsgrove School District believes this to be a solid foundational way of providing professional education, building support systems, and establishing relationships among new and experienced staff members.

    Pottsgrove meets the challenge of this mandate through a rigorous 1-year new teacher induction program specifically designed to promote collegial dialogue and targeted coaching opportunities.  In the navigation menus below, you will find activities, checklists and supplemental resources that will support you through your first year of teaching in Pottsgrove. 

    I truly hope you find this experience meaningful, supportive and challenging as you begin (or continue) your journey with us in the Pottsgrove School District.



    Mr. Daniel I. Vorhis 
    Director of Education and Assessment K-12
    Induction Resources