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    Finding the perfect college or university can be a daunting task.  All over the web, you will find college search engines, helpful information, articles, charts and maps to help.  Yet, does all this information make it easier?  It can be overwhelming to take in all the that is out there. 
    That is why it is important to remember; there is no  one "right" or "perfect" college for you.  There are many great "fits" for you. You will get the most out of your college experience by researching beforehand and making good choices while at college. 
    You can start looking for colleges as early as you would like.  However, junior year is really when you want to be serious about the process.
    Naviance Student is a great resource.   The Pottsgrove Guidance Department suggests you use Family Connection.
    Naviance Student is a customizable planning portal for students and families including self-discovery assessments, goal-setting, college research tools, course planning, career exploration resources, and individual learning plans.  All students have a student account and parents can email their child's counselor to get a Naviance Student account.  Click below to access Naviance Student.  Students log onto Naviance Student with the same username and password used to log onto their school computer.
    To begin to find your list of "fit" schools, answer the following questions.
    1. Do I want a big, medium, or small school.
    2. Where do I want to go to school?  Close to home or far away?
    3. Would I like a school in a big city, a town or maybe something more rural?
    4. Is this school an academic a fit for me?  
    5. Does this school have the major I am interested in and other options in case I change my mind?
    6. Can I afford this school? Click to be directed to the financial aid page.  https://www.pgsd.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=3735

    Every student should have a list of schools that contain at least one safety school, one fit school, and one reach school. 

    How do you find out if a school is an academic "fit" for you?  You need to know your GPA and Standardized test scores.  You can find this information on Naviance Student.  
    Let's take the case of the fictitious student Coleton Preston.  Coleton really wants to go to West Chester University.  Check out the sattergram from Family Connection to see if Coleton will be accepted. 
    It looks like Coleton has a chance; However there are some students that have his same numbers and have been denied.  This may be a reach for Coleton.
     Let's look at Kutztown.  Now that looks like a "fit" school for Coleton.
    This is just a small sample of what Naviance Student can do to help you find the "fit" college for you.
    *If you are on free/reduced lunch, please ask your counselor for college application fee waivers.  You may use up to four application fee waivers.
Last Modified on March 30, 2021