• -Mr. Royce language arts seminar classroom rules and expectations-
    Cell Phone and Electronics Policy- 
    1. Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom unless otherwise stated by the teacher.  All students are to place cellular phones in their lockers prior to entering the classroom.  1st offense= warning.  2nd offense= I begin following the handbook policy.  (see handbook)  
    2. iPads are used on a daily basis in the classroom.  The purpose of the student iPad is to have the students engaging in a digital learning process.  Failure to use iPads in a educational manner will result in losing that privilege in the classroom.  1st offense= warning.  2nd offense= student will be asked to put the iPad in their desk or a teacher bin.  3rd offense= student may not bring the iPad to class for a school week.   4th offense= May result in parental conference and a more detailed plan.  
    Classroom Policies:  
    The following rules are in place to promote a safe, comfortable learning environment for everyone.  These policies will keep everyone safe and allow students to focus on the learning at hand.  
    There are three major rules that govern my classroom:
    1. Respect yourself and others!  If you extend courtesy to your teacher and classmates, they will extend it to you.  Be courteous of differences in gender, religion, etc. Name calling, racial slurs, and sexist comments will not be tolerated in my classroom.   
    2. Raise your hand when you want to participate! Everyone has a voice, and I want everyone to be heard, however, there needs to be semblance of order in the classroom.  Please wait until called upon to speak.  You will never be denied the ability to speak if you use this avenue.   
    3. Be on time/prepared for my class!  There is no excuse to be late.  If you are late, you need a pass.  Once in class, you need to have all the necessary items to particpate.  If you are not prepared, disciplinary action will be taken.  
    *70% of your grade will be based on your demonstration of course content.  This will be items such as tests, quizzes, essays, in class work, etc.  
    *30% of your grade will be work based on building knowledge.  These include homework, rough drafts, etc.  
    --As per the directions of this year's new grading policy, extra credit will not be counted toward your grade.   
    Missed Work:
    If you miss an assignment, it is YOUR responsibility to seek out and make up that assignment.  All assignments are placed in a tower in the back of the room. Please make an effort to see me 9th period in order to get assignment directions if you are absent.  
    Test Retakes:
    Students can retake all DK assessments.  They must make an appointment with the teacher 9th period in order to do so.