• Welcome to 7th Grade Common Core Math!
     Math Clipart
    Please refer to Schoology for more current information.
    Required materials:
    • 2 single subject notebooks
    • Folder
    • Pencils & Erasers

    Optional Materials: 

    • TI-30XIIS Calculator (light blue, pink)
    • Colored Pencils
    • Graph Paper 
    Back to School Night Information:
    • Contact Info:
    • Class Website
    • Textbook Technology Resources:
      • Pearson Realize App: This app allows you to access the textbook on the iPad.
        • Username: Student’s Pottsgrove Email
        • Password: Lunch Code with capitol PG at the end
      • www.PearsonRealize.com: This website allows you to access the textbook and digital assignments. It requires the same login information as above.
      • Bounce Pages: This app allows students to scan specific pages in their textbook using the camera. It then provides a link to a tutorial video with a similar problem.