Second Grade
  • Second Grade In The Lab


    There are 3 units of instruction (each lasting a Trimester), during which students focus on a group of skills.  Second Grade students do something each week that focuses on the group of skills that they are learning that week. 

    (Second Graders use their Pottsgrove user names and passwords.)

    1st Unit:   Introduction to computer science and computer programming using lessons on  Lessons are both "plugged" using the computer and "unplugged" (without a computer) collaborating and problem solving.  STEAM challenges to learn persistence and collaboration. 

    2nd Unit: Continue  Learn to program Ozobot robots through many challenges.

    3rd Unit: Continued practice of word processing skills using MS Word.  Research skills and learning to paraphrase rather than plagiarize.  STEAM challenges.

    All students receive a report card grade each trimester for Computer Lab.