The mission of the Child Study Team (CST) is to identify, refer, and assist our middle school students presenting with academic weaknesses or other factors that impede their performance in the classroom.  The CST functions to intervene with these students who need more academic support.  The role of the team is to work with teaching teams in order to brainstorm, select, and apply individual strategies to aid the student in achieving success and to help them derive meaning from their classroom instruction. 

    Teachers, counselors, other staff members, and parents may refer a student to the CST by contacting the guidance department or by placing a referral form in the first floor mail area.

     Reasons to refer a student:

    * Refusal to engage work

    * Task avoidance- repeated request to leave the classroom

    * Sudden drop in grades

    * High Rate of absences

    * Disciplinary issues

    * History of academic difficulties

    * Emergence of disruptive behavior in the classroom

    * Failure of vision/hearing screenings

    * Hyperactivity and/or difficulty with concentration or focus

     Once a referral is received, the team will gather more data including: grades, standardized test scores, attendance, discipline and health history, teacher and parent observations, and records/information from former schools.  The team then assess a level of concern and develops an individualized action plan with focus on a specific and measurable goal.  Upon following up on progress towards goal, the team may decide to: continue with the plan, modify the plan, or refer to other resources (Student Neeeds Assistance Program or Multidisciplinary Evaluation).
      Team Members

    Tom Frevert- School Psychologist

    Cristina Kleinfelter - School Counselor last names A-L

    Stephan Kincaid- School Counselor last names M-Z

    Deborah Frasca - Enrichment Teacher

    Sue Smith- 8th Grade teacher


    If you have any questions regarding the Child Study process or would like to make a referral, please contact:

     Tom Frevert at tfrevert@pgsd.org or (610) 326-8243  x2053

    Cristina Kleinfelter at ckleinfelter@pgsd.org or (610) 326-8243 x2054

    Stephan Kincaid at skincaid@pgsdorg or (610) 326-8243  x2052