DiLE Timeline

  • Pottsgrove has been preparing for the transition to a Digital Learning Environment (DiLE) for over 6 years. Please see the timeline below to learn more about how we have prepared.
    2007 / 2008 School Year - The district joined the "Classrooms for the Future" initiative.  Instructional Technology Coach implemented and funded through a grant. We found that access points in the hallways would not be sufficient to handle a cart of 30 laptops on the network at once.
    Fall 2008 - Implemented teacher 1-1, every full time teacher was given a MacBook for instructional use. Installed one access point in each classroom at High School.
    Summer 2009 - Installed one access point in each classroom at Lower Pottsgrove and West Pottsgrove Elementary Schools.  Joined Montgomery County Fiber Optic Network, with internet connect speed of 10 Mbps.
    Summer 2010 - Upgraded internet connection speed to 20 Mbps.  Leased Fiber for our point to point building connections.  This increased speed between schools and district office from 6 MB to 1024 MB (or 1 GB).  
    Summer 2011 - Refresh teacher laptops.  Installed one access point in each classroom at the Middle School.
    Fall 2011 - District joins Brandywine Virtual Academy Consortium to offer a cyber option to Pottsgrove students in middle and high school, renting Mac laptop computers from the consortium for use by student participants. Installed one access point in each classroom at Ringing Rocks (new construction) and added access points to frequently used areas even though they may be non-educational spaces (Gym, Cafe, work rooms, conference rooms, etc). Stemming from an update in Policy 237, revised rules for use of personal electronic devices released, giving principals and teachers discretion over student use of personally-owned devices in classrooms and other spaces throughout the school. A limited guest network is created.
    March 2012 - Initial concept of a student 1-1 strategy presented to Board of School Directors - In budget presentation, Technology Director cites data showing that demand for district's mobile lab resources is exceeding availability, discusses the possibilities 1-1 creates for innovations in teaching and learning, and the emerging trends in online instructional resources and high stakes assessments.
    Summer 2012 - Installed new 10Gb Switches at each building.  These new switches can provide the maximum amount of power to each switch port for existing and future access points.  Upgraded internet connection speed to 40 Mbps.
    Fall 2012 - Tech staff and Principal Koehler visit Maine for "Leveraging Learning: 1-1 iPads in the Primary Grades." Introduced 1-1 strategy concept to District Communication and Technology Advisory Team, comprised of professional and technical staff, administrators, board members, and parents. Begin gradual phase-in of iPad 1-1 for faculty.
    May 2013 - First Annual K-12 Pottsgrove Educational Technology Expo held at Pottsgrove High School.
    Summer 2013 - Increased internet connection speed to 100 Mbps.  Implemented new District Comprehensive Plan that included Goal II, Strategy 7 - Technology as a Tool for Learning.
    Sept 2013 - Pottsgrove joined Project Red Consortium, participating in monthly 1-1 readiness webinars. iPads decentralized in K-2, providing full time access to five iPads  plus faculty iPad in every K-2 classroom.
    Nov 2013 - Administrative team and teacher coaches attend Apple Executive Briefing in New York to discuss implementation concepts, best practices in professional development, and funding.
    Jan 2014 - Formal presentation made to Board of School Directors. Click here to read the presentation. "Technology use in our classrooms can no longer be a scheduled event."
    Jan - April 2014 - Digital Leadership Teams (Administrators, HS Teachers and Students) begin site visits to schools in the Eastern PA region with successful 1-1 programs in place.  Discussions with faculty and professional development planning begin. SAMR model for thoughtful integration of technology in instructional planning introduced to professional staff. Began negotiations with Apple ultimately reducing the cost by tens of thousands of dollars over original quotes. Pottsgrove is invited to join a consortium of Eastern Pennsylvania 1-1 districts that meet periodically to share learning and best practices.
    May 2014 - Second Annual K-12 Pottsgrove Educational Technology Expo held at Pottsgrove High School. DiLE update given to Board of School Directors.  Click here to read the update
    June 2014 - Board of School Directors approves DiLE 1-1 initiative, Assistant Director and Network Engineer become Apple certified technicians, allowing Pottsgrove to save money on many types of support services. Based on consultation with administration from several 1-1 districts, Pottsgrove decides to self-insure devices in an effort to keep premium costs as low as possible and to have complete discretion over future premium rates determined solely by loss experience.
    Summer 2014 - Increased internet connection speed to 500 Mbps.  Increased point-to-point connections between buildings from 1 GB to 10 GB.  Installed new wireless controller for centralized management.  Installed new advanced firewall and new internet filter that will allow us to filter students while off campus (if need be). An advisory team of teachers and administrators assemble to brainstorm all logistical matters to be addressed in implementation and begin planning for professional development activities in the new school year. Policies created or revised as needed and prepared for presentation to the Board Policy Committee.
    August 2014 - Alan November, founder of November Learning, visits Pottsgrove Middle School and delivers a powerful and compelling keynote address to Pottsgrove's K-12 professional staff during August inservice. Professional development survey implemented and used to assist with fall faculty workshop planning. Pottsgrove High School offers its first fully online course in Anatomy taught by a member of the Pottsgrove faculty.
    September 2014 - District applies for PA Ready to Learn grant to be used, in part, to fully fund an Apple Professional Development Coach to embed with secondary faculty for a period of 13 weeks between December 2014 and June 2015.
    October 2014 - Full-day professional staff development and collaboration time planned and implemented. Additional time also scheduled. Configuration of 1-1 devices begins.  District Communication and Technology Advisory Committee meeting, 1-1 Parent meetings begin. District installs redundant Internet connection.
    November 2014 -  Parent meetings continue, Half-day professional staff development and collaboration time planned and implemented. iPad distribution commences at PGMS with student workshops and support scheduled.