Accidental Damage/Theft Payment Information and Portal

  • Fees and deductibles for covered claims can be paid by check or money order, payable to Pottsgrove School District and sent to the school office or delivered at the time of device pickup. Payment in advance may save time on the day of device pickup.
    We have also made credit card payments possible using My School Bucks, the same system parents and guardians use to prepay their students' lunch expenses. Upon logging in to the system, please select "School Store." Please note that a small convenience fee is applied and is paid directly to My School Bucks. You will see this fee added at the time of checkout.
    Families with multiple students in the DiLE program qualify for the family max payment program. Please make that selection and the maximum charge, currently set at $50, will be applied. The order will be pending until the District verifies its eligibility.
    Regardless of which payment method you choose, please complete the Accidental Damage/Theft Coverage application and the On/Off Campus Parent Agreement. Both forms are available on this website and in the electronic First Day Packet Portal you use at the start of each school year. The forms can be submitted electronically using the portal option.. Completed paper copies of these forms can be sent to the school office or presented for collection at the time of device pickup.
    Enter My School Bucks Portal & Select "School Store".

Examples of Damage

  • Normal wear and tear is expected but these devices must be collected in a condition that will allow us to reasonably redistribute them to incoming students. Below are examples of damage that exceeds normal wear and tear and is subject to damage coverage deductibles or actual replacement costs, whichever is less.

    Bent Corner
     iPad Bent Corner - $50
    Broken Screen  Broken Screen
    iPad - $50
    Macbook Air - $100

     Charging Port Damage  iPad Charging Port - $50

    Liquid Damage to iPad

    (on or off campus)


    Stage 1 Lightning
    Stage 1 Cable - $0 - This condition that often renders the cable non-functional is seen in enough frequency to conclude that this is normal wear and tear.
    Stage 2 Stage 2 Cable - $10 - This is not normal wear and tear.
    Any damage to the case, including cracks, breaks, or missing pieces
     **iPads MUST remain in their Pottsgrove provided case AT ALL TIMES.

    iPad Brick  

    Missing iPad Charging Brick - $10

    MBA Damage
    Damaged Corner on
    Macbook Air - $100

    Liquid Damage to Macbook Air

    (on or off campus)


     Missing Laptop Bag                                                             $28
     Missing Laptop Strap                                                             $3