1. Choose a topic from the 1960s to research and explore.

    2. Explain the event (What, When, Where, Why, Who, How, etc…)

    3. Complete the “5W + H” Worksheet. 

    4. Tell the story from three (3) different points of view: ie) America, Russia, European Country, whatever you choose…

    5. Create some type of multimedia project to demonstrate your research and new knowledge learned of topic.  (ie: iMovie, Google Presentation, Prezi, etc.


    Assassination of JFK

    Bay of Pigs invasion

    British Invasion

    Civil Rights Act


    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Freedom Riders

    Malcolm X and Los Angeles Riots

    Manson Family Murders

    Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream”

    Moon Landing and Neil Armstrong

    Robert F. Kennedy Assassinated

    TV (First televised Presidential Elections)

    War on Poverty

    Woodstock Rock and Roll Concert

    * Student Choice (speak to Mr. 

    Mellor for approval)


    FIND BOOKS by doing a subject search http://pgdestiny.pgsd.org

    Harrington, Michael.  The Other America. (recommended by Mr. Mellor)

    World Book Encyclopedia Online http://www.worldbookonline.com/advanced/home

    Student Resources in Context


    How to create a Prezi? (how to)
    How to create an iMovie (how to) 
    Google Tip Sheet (to locate country codes) 
     Exploring the 1960s Rubric