General Use Guidelines

  • Students are REQUIRED to bring their Mobile Device to school each day with a fully charged battery. The Device is a learning tool like a textbook, notebook or pencil. Students will not be given the use of a loaner Mobile Device if they leave the device at home. Students leaving mobile devices at home may be required to complete their assignments using alternate means (as determined by the teacher).

    Please be aware that syncing devices to your laptop (phone, camera, etc) may cause the hard drive to fill up quickly and affect the performance of the computer.

    Students will be able to save files directly to laptop computers. However, files for instructional use both on laptop and iPad devices should be stored or backed up to their district-issued Google Drive accounts or iCloud. If a Mobile Device experiences a technical issue, it is possible that it will need to be re-imaged which will destroy all local data that is not backed up. Again, please have backups of important files in Google Drive or on iCloud.

    Mobile devices are not allowed on overnight trips or field trips without the approval of the lead chaperone and the parent/guardian.

    Students' Pottsgrove Google accounts have an email feature enabled that allows communication with accounts.

    Students should not delete any folders or files on their mobile devices that they did not create or that they do not recognize. Deletion of files could result in a device failure and will interfere with their ability to complete class work. Direct questions about these files to the school’s technical staff.

    For more detailed information, check out the Use Agreement & Guidelines.

    Relevant Policies:

    224 Care Of School Property
    237 Electronic Devices
    237.1 District Provided Technology Resources: Student Use,Rights and Responsibilities

    815.1 Acceptable Use of the Computers, Network, Internet, Electronic Communications, and Information Policy

    816  Electronic Communications and Social Media
    893  Remote Access, Monitoring and Tracking of District-Issued Mobile Device