• Volunteer Clearance Process

    Please be advised that the volunteer clearance process has changed due to Pennsylvania Act 153 of 2014 which went into effect on December 31, 2014. This law requires all volunteers to undergo background clearances every 36 months.  

    If you plan to volunteer for any Pottsgrove Music League PTA (PMLPTA) function, it is imperative that you not delay in obtaining these clearances.  

    This is a state mandate and the time to process them can take as long as 6 weeks. All pertinent forms and links can be found here.


    Additionally, if you have not been a resident of PA for the last 10 years, you will also be required to complete Act 114 FBI Clearances. Forms and instructions can be found here.


    Upon completion of all clearances, copies should be given to the Pottsgrove Music League PTA.  Each organization is required to maintain copies of all clearances for volunteers. 

    In order to volunteer at a Pottsgrove Music League PTA event, you must provide the PMLPTA with the following:
    • PA State Background Check clearance
    • PA Child Abuse History clearance
    • Arrest / Conviction Report and Certification Form (if you have lived in PA for the last 10 consecutive years)
    • FBI clearance (if you have not lived in PA for the last 10 consecutive years)
    You can email copies of your clearances to: pottsgrovemusicleague1@gmail.com or drop them in the Music League PTA’s mailbox at Lower Pottsgrove Elementary, the Middle School, or the High School.