The homework listed below is for students who are instructed in Mrs. Michener's language arts or math class.  Be sure to check your child's assignment book for changes to assignments.  Students who are instructed by their homeroom teacher or another special education teacher for language arts or math should refer to that teacher's website for specific homework information.



    Read 20 minutes each night using a "Just Right" book.



    Monday:  Write spelling words 5 times each.


    Tuesday:  Make spelling pyramids for each word.  An example of how to write a spelling pyramid for the word camp is written below:







    Wednesday:  Write a sentence for each spelling word.   Make sure each sentence is at least 6 words long.  Underline the word in the sentence.


    Thursday:  Have someone at home give you a practice test.  



    Students generally have a math worksheet each evening, except Friday.  The worksheet will review concepts learned in class or practice computation skills.