Each child in my class has been given a take-home folder in which their homework/communication sheet will be placed.  Look at your child's homework/communication sheet for homework assignments, as the homework I assign varies per student due to the nature of my classroom. Every night your child is responsible for bringing home his or her take-home folder and sharing the information with you.  The sheet will contain homework assignments, upcoming tests, and other important information.  In addition to the homework that is written, your child is expected to read for at least fifteen minutes everyday.  Please sign your child’s homework sheet AFTER you see that all work has been completed.  I ask that the homework sheet be signed every evening even if it says that your child does not have any homework.  By doing this, we keep the child in a routine of showing you their take-home folder and any other important school communications.  It is the child’s responsibility to make sure that the assignment sheet is signed and brought back to school the next day.  The assignment sheet is also a great means of communication between you and I.  Each day, I will communicate with you regarding your child's behavior/work habits for that day. If I have any additional comments or concerns I will write them on the assignment sheet and I encourage you to do the same.

    Homework will usually be assigned Monday – Thursday.  Students will generally receive reading, spelling, language arts, and math assignments weekly. Assignments should take students approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete each evening.  Since homework generally reinforces the material presented in class, your child should not have too much difficulty in completing the assignment.  However, if your child does not understand something related to the assignment they may ask for help.  If you are finding that your child is struggling with a particular skill or assignment please let me know so that we can address the problem. 


    DON'T FORGET TO READ! The best way to help your child to become a better reader is to read with them at home. Spend 5-10 minutes each night reading to your child. Research says that reading aloud to children helps them become better readers and writers, and also helps to develop their listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills.