TO:  English Students

    FROM:  Dr. Mays Coleman

    DATE:  2018

    RE:  Book Share - Character


    As stated before in class, I would like each of you to read books of your choice. Then you will share the book with your classmates in a unique way.


    FOR this book share I would like you to select a novel from the list that Mrs. Small has generated.  Select a book you have never read before! Go to Pottsgrove High School Library Webpage and click on it. Go to the left side and click on Classes in Library, click on English, and click on Coming of Age. The list will appear. From the list you will be able to click on links to each book, and to a list organized by genre or interests. 


    This list of novels or works of non-fiction corresponds to the theme of coming-of-age and each work is strong in character. Since you will be able to research the books, you will be able to narrow your search and pick a fictional character or real person from a book. Then you will create a role play. Through the role play (eyes, voice, etc. of the character/person you select), you are going to explain other characters, plot, theme, setting, conflict(s), or information of your book. Keep in mind that you want your audience to read this book so make your role play exciting and interesting!!!! Refer to the evaluation sheet for specific criteria concerning your role play.


    NOW, proceed to select a book and write a book “proposal.” Include the title and author. Also, include a description (both physical and mental) of the character you intend to portray. Type it up or write it neatly on a notecard and submit it to me.


    THEN get the book and read your book. Create a role. Write/type a script. Find props/costume and practice, practice, practice.


    Refer to the evaluation sheet for guidance and specific criteria concerning this assignment.


    Due Date: