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    Important Information




    What is a “Falcon Friend”?

    A Falcon Friend is someone that will be paired with a student with intellectual and /or developmental disabilities to help promote friendships with other middle school students and will serve as a positive role model for these students.


    Basic Information:

    • Participate in a lunch bunch 1x/week
    • Invited to be a buddy at Special Olympics  with your Falcon Friend 
    • Participate in 9th period social enhancing activities 1x/week
    • May be invited to attend outings with your Falcon Friend
    • Participate in an end of the year picnic with your Falcon Friend


    Your job:

    • Accompany Falcon Friend to assigned class (could be lunch bunch, 9th period, or an encore class)
    • Assist with tasks assigned
    • Engage the Falcon Friend in the task
    • Help Falcon Friend interact with peers and classroom environment
    • Participate in class as well



    • Smile and be friendly.
    • Focus on abilities NOT disabilities
    • Assist by explaining what to do, rather than what NOT to do
    • Make instructions simple and clear
    • Look directly at your Falcon Friend, even if an adult is accompanying them
    • Talk normally - NO kiddie talking
    • Get to know your Falcon Friend
    • Ask your Falcon Friend what they need help with
    • Treat your Falcon Friend as the capable, competent peers they are




    To Apply:
    1Email Mrs. McHugh