• Course Information

    SPANISH II      (WLG2300)


    Teacher Contact Information

    Ms. Wright, B.S. Ed., M. Ed.

    Best Means of Communication- Email: awright3@pgsd.org Students are encouraged to email teacher for

    study/assignment clarification or help at any time! Parent communication via email is ALWAYS welcome!

    Phone: 610-326-5105 extension 6509

    Website: https://www.pgsd.org/awright

    Teacher Communication: The teacher will utilize REMIND.com to help students keep up with due dates and upcoming assessments. Students are required to sign up on schoology for remind if they have a texting cellular device OR they may sign up for email reminders. Other communication will include pgsd email and parent email on powerschool.



    Course Description

    This subject is a continuation of skills learned in Spanish I to teach the developmental stages in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Emphasis is given to strengthening vocabulary as well as comprehension of idiomatic expressions. Also included is a reference to culture, customs and current events of Latin America and the Caribbean.

     This course is highly recommended for students planning a career in business, the medical field, education, social work, law, political science, or criminal justice.


    Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

    Upon satisfactory completion of the course with 70%, students will be able to talk about, write about,, read about and respond  adequately to these (and other related) topics:


    Unit 1 Topics- Review (Sept.-Oct.)

    Level 1 review topics

    Actions including stem change verb structures

    Sentence structure

    Spanish Grammar



    Unit 2 Topics-Healthy Human Body (Oct., Nov.)

    Irregular Verbs

    Reflexive Verbs

    Daily Routines



    Unit 3 Topic- The House (Dec., Jan.)


    Demonstrative Adjectives

    Applicable Verbs


    Unit 4 Topics- Around the town (Feb., Mar.)



    Numbers over 1000

    Commands and giving directions

    Direct Objects and pronouns


    Unit 5 Topic- Recreation (Apr./May)

    Sports & Hobbies

    Indirect Object Pronouns

    Double object prnouns

    Completed past actions


    Unit 6 Topic- Vacation (May)

    Telling actions one used to do

    Travel vocabulary


    Required Materials

    • Writing Utensil (pen or pencil, Number 2 pencils for midterm and final exams)

    • Notebook OR Binder with loose leaf paper

    • Folder for Spanish materials

    • School provided laptop charged daily


    Suggested Course Materials

    Index cards to create flashcards (if you prefer physical as opposed to digital)

    Spanish-English dictionary (if you prefer physical to digital)/ make browser bookmark for www.wordreference.com

    Spanish learning phone and ipod applications for fun and enrichment (Duolingo, Quizlet, Kahoot, Remind,Wordreference)

    Assignments & Academic Calendar



    DUE DATES: Students will be advised of due dates verbally in class and on district webpages (Schoology / teacher webpages). Students may be assigned work to be completed for the next day, for a grade or for ungraded practice. More involved work will be given more advanced notice. It is the student’s responsibility to login in to Schoology daily.



    Audio Recordings:  Students will be required to submit self-created audio recordings of their vocabulary lists OUTSIDE OF CLASS TIME. They will be able to practice the proper pronunciation by class repetition with the instructor and listening to each word and phrase on the www.quizlet.com website of which they will become a member. This will be submitted on Schoology for EVERY vocabulary list.


    Vocabulary Practice: It is the responsibility of the student, even if not assigned in writing, to practice their vocabulary on www.quizlet.com as often as needed to maintain their level 1 and prior learned vocabulary.  


    Cultural Projects:

    Small cultural investigations will be infused into the curriculum throughout the year with focus on comparative studies in food culture, holidays and famous Latinxs.



    Exam dates and topics will be posted in advance on the class website (Schoology). Visit the website regularly for upcoming assessment dates. Larger assessments typically occur every 3-5 weeks with smaller quizzes averaging about once each week/2 weeks .


    Missed classes


    Students are expected to ask fellow classmates to copy missed notes and/visit schoology and to ask the teacher at the end of class for missed activity sheets. One missed school day does not excuse a student from an exam or quiz upon return.

    The student will be required to take the assessment with the class.  


    Missed Exams

    Students will take missed exams in class during the next test retake session scheduled. For longer missed exams, students should schedule a time after school or during pride period.

    Grading Policy


    Please visit the handbook for official details on the current grading policies and implementation new for 2015-2016.


    The course weighting

    Weighted system as per the Pottsgrove School District

        Demonstrating Knowledge  80%

                     Building Knowledge  20%


    Course Grade Weights:

    Grades are weighted as follows in the course weight explanation:

    Quarter 1             = 20%

    Quarter 2              = 20%

    Quarter 3               = 20%

    Quarter 4               = 20%

    Midterm= 10%

    Final Exam = 10%



    Classroom and School Policies


    Basic norms for classroom behavior- Respect-Responsibility-Safety-Positivity (class will define these together during the first weeks)


    Seats- Students are assigned seats and are required to be seated in them unless otherwise given directions or permission. See teacher in private to discuss any seating concerns/requests.


    Students must keep non-Spanish class materials (bags, purses, other subject books, electronic devices etc.) off of their laps and desktops and out of the aisles. CELL PHONES are to be out of sight at all times- no exceptions unless explicitly instructed by the teacher for an instructional use.  “Out of sight” means in a pocket, in a bag, in a folder or binder and NOT ON ONE’S LAP or near the student inside the desk (MS). The teacher and students must not be able to see the cell phone.


    Classroom procedures-


    Turning in makeup work/getting missed work: please do this at beginning or end (NOT THE MIDDLE) of class.


    What if I need additional HELP? :  Ms. Wright offers makeup exam and work sessions at least once per week and by appointment.

    Middle School- before school on Wednesdays, arrange to be dropped off at 7:00 and report to room 202 with your Spanish materials.

    High School- Pride period or after school -students must arrange for transportation or take the activity bus home.


    Technology will be infused into a majority of lessons in various ways, usually daily. Students will complete some assessments via internet-based website and will create videos and digital presentations. Students will be required to login to certain websites and complete tasks to provide immediate feedback on their skills. The teacher will provide students with usernames and passwords for these sites as needed. Any out of class assignments requiring internet can be completed during study halls or other appropriate library hours if a student prefers to use the school internet and printers. Due dates will reflect allowing sufficient time for students to use the school resources.


    Usernames and Passwords:

    Students are required to keep a record of all websites, usernames and passwords used for Spanish class.


    Technology Use:  Laptops, cell phones and ipads will ONLY be permitted to be used for assigned, educational assignments and practice as assigned by the teacher. Recreational use of the devices unrelated to Spanish class is not permitted.

    Student Conduct & Discipline


    Any behavior that causes a disruption to the learning of any student will be addressed with the student. Refer to student handbook for further explanation of consequences.  Maintaining an environment of respect, responsibility, safety and positivity is of the utmost importance in academic achievement and so is expected from all students at all times. Respect and positivity are paramount in learning about culture and will be emphasized and encouraged.


    Infringements on the rights of others to learn, be respected and safe will result in teacher warnings (2) and if a third incidence occurs, detention. (see student handbook for school wide descriptions of levels of offense and corresponding consequences).

    Academic Integrity

    (Dictionaries, translators and work that is not the students’ own)

    All work must be completed (and written/typed) by the individual student in order to be considered an accurate assessment of student learning. Evidence of cheating or copying on assignments other than summative assessments (exams, quizzes, projects) will result in a required alternative or repeat of the assignment. Retakes of a different exam will be required after school if a student is suspected of or caught cheating. Talking, noisemaking or looking on the paper of others during independent assessments (quizzes, exams) is not permitted and is considered unsatisfactory citizenship.


    Students are NOT permitted to use translators and their use will result in the student being assigned to stay after school to re-do the assignment. Students should use their notes, vocabulary sheets (always on my website) and their knowledge ONLY to complete all assignments unless otherwise specified. At this level it is imperative that students use their assigned vocabulary as much as possible for retention and success in actually becoming a Spanish speaker.