5/22  FINAL EXAM
    5/13  Romantic poetry review: 8 elements; "Jeopardy" questions
    5/14  Begin final exam review: packet   Final Exam Review Packet
    5/15  Romantic age test (part 1)
    5/16  Romantic age test (part 2)
    5/17  Conclude review for the final exam  Final Exam Review: Solitaire Jeopardy
    5/6   Byron's "She Walks in Beauty,"  "Apostrophe to the Ocean," and "On this Day"
    5/7    Shelley's "Ozymandias" and "Sonnet: England in 1819"
    5/8    Keats' "When I Have Fears"
    5/9    Keats' "Ode on a Grecian Urn"
    5/10  Romantic poetry review;  What's on the test?  Romantic Age test set-up
    4/29  Rime of the Ancient Mariner w/s due;  "My Heart Leaps Up"
    4/30  Review Day for Brave New World   "Brave New World" Review PP
    5/1   Brave New World Test
    5/2   Coleridge's "Kubla Khan"  3 poetic devices w/s
    5/3   PP: The Second Generation Romantics; Second Generation Romantics "She Walks in Beauty"
    4/23  BNW Reading Quiz Chs. 10-13; Romanticism w/s and reading due Tues.
    4/24  Romanticism w/s due; Literature Launcher; "The World is Too Much With Us"
    4/25  3 Lucy poems; "My Heart Leaps Up"
    4/26  In-class  Read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner with w/s
    4/15  Work on Pottsgrove satires 
    4/16  BNW Reading Quiz Chs. 5-9;  Work on Pottsgrove satires
    4/17  Pottsgrove satires due.  Gallery Walk.
    4/8    Read "A Modest Proposal" and complete w/s
    4/9    "A Modest Proposal" w/s due and mc quiz.  Go over w/s.  Original satire.
    4/10  BNW Reading Quiz Chs. 1-4 part 2 .  Assignment: Pottsgrove HS Satire performance task (in 3-4 person groups)
    4/11  Work on Pottsgrove satires  
    4/12  Work on Pottsgrove satires
    4/1  Finish Macbeth review.  "Macbeth" Review PP
    4/2  Macbeth Test
    4/3  Macbeth in-class, open-book essay
    4/4  Assign Brave New World novel; "Brave New Worlld" Reading Schedule  ; Introduction to satire
    4/5  Jonathan Swift and Gulliver's Travels
    3/25  Read Act 5 of Macbeth.
    3/26  Finish Macbeth.  Video: Macbeth
    3/27  Video: Macbeth.  Crossword puzzle.  What's on the "Macbeth" Test?
    3/28  Who's Who? in Macbeth activity
    3/29  Sample Macbeth essay. "Macbeth" crossword answers"Macbeth" sample essay
    3/18  Finish Macbeth Act 2.  Assign Macbeth Act 3 with w/s
    3/19  Work on Macbeth Act 3 w/s.  Research paper Q & A day.
    3/20  Act 3 w/s due.  Act 3 Quiz: 5 quotations.  Review Act 3.
    3/21  RP: FINAL DRAFT DUE+ materials (See checklist).  Begin Act 4 of Macbeth.
    3/22  Macbeth Act 4.  Begin Act 5.
    3/11  Original sonnet due.  RP: rough drafts returned.  Questions answered; checklist provided. RP: Final Draft Checklist
    3/12  Begin Macbeth Act 1 scenes 1,2,3
    3/13  Macbeth Act 1 scenes 3,4   Homework: Act 1 scenes 5-7 w/s
    3/14  Macbeth w/s collected.  Video: Macbeth Act 1
    3/15  Macbeth Act 2 with CD
    3/5  Original sonnet work day
    3/6  Original sonnet work day + RP questions fielded.
    3/7  RP: Rough Draft with Works Cited due;  Tragedy notes  Tragedy Rules PP
    3/8  Imaginary Field Trip: The Globe Theatre
    2/25  Go over sonnet #116.  "Pop" sonnet quiz (10 pts.)
    2/26  Read Marlowe's "Passionate Shepherd" and Raleigh's "Nymph's Reply"  Review  Renaissance Ex. Quiz
    2/27  RP: First 2 pages due.  Peer edit exercise.   RP questions and advice.
    2/28  Renaissance/Sonnets Expanded Quiz
    3/1    Assign original sonnet: due Mon., 3/11.  How to guide and samples. Original Sonnet Rubric and Directions
    2/19  RP: 100 note cards due.  Complete sample paper w/s in class.
    2/10  SNOW DAY.
    2/21  RP: Outline and first paragraph due.  Sonnet #73 discussed,
    2/22  RP: outline and first paragraph returned.  Formatting.  How to write the paper. 
    2/11  Shakespeare's sonnet #29.  Shakespeare's Sonnets
    2/12  SNOW DAY
    2/13  Go over Sonnet #29.  Continue on sonnets #73, 116.
    2/14  RP: Lesson: Writing your outline amd your first paragraph
    2/4  Renaissance Knowledge Chart; Read pp. 230, 232-3, Literature Launcher
    2/5  Renaissance "study guide,"  Spenser's Sonnet #26; Begin Sonnet PP
    2/6  Finish sonnet PP; Spenser's sonnets #30 and #67  Sonnets PP
    2/7  Spenser's sonnet #75
    2/8  COLOR DAY!
    1/28  <Library>  Note taking.
    1/29  RP: Preliminary Thesis due in Schoology before class.  <Library>  Note taking.
    1/30  <Library>  Note taking.
    1/31  RP: Lesson: How to use notes in your paper.
    2/1   RP: 50 note cards due.  <Library>  Note taking.
    1/22  RP: Reader's Log #3 due.  Lesson: note-taking techniques.  TPS- "The Plagiarism Plague"
    1/23  Paraphrasing review.  Write 2 sample note cards.
    1/24  <Library> Note taking.
    1/25  <Library> Note taking.
    1/14  Midterm Review.   Midterm Review A-Z answers
    1/15  ENGLISH MIDTERM  7:30-9:10
    1/18  RP: How to properly write note cards from sources
    1/7   Finish going over The Odyssey"The Odyssey" Outline
    1/8  Review foir Test:  Starts with ? and crossword puzzle   Study Strategy: The List
    1/9  Matchgame review. Greek epic crossword answers   Sample test essay.  Greek Myth Test 2 sample essay
    1/10  RP: Reader's Log #2 due.  Greek Mythology Test #2  (without essay)
    1/11  Greek Mythology Test #2 Essay.  Midterm review packet.  12A Midterm Review
    1/2  RP: First Reader's Log due.  Continue Iliad PP.  Read pp. 201-210 for Thursday.
    1/3  Finish Iliad PP.  Read pp. 211-229 for Friday.
    1/4  The Odyssey Notes.
    12/17  RP: Bring primary source to class one day this week!  Select 3 themes/get Reader's log sheets;  Review for Greek Mythology Test #1  Greek Mythology Jeopardy PDF
    12/18  Greek Mythology Test #1
    12/19  Introduction to the Greek epics.  9 Epic conventions.  Read Mythology pp. 185-200 for Thursday.
    12/20  The Iliad: excerpt and PP notes.  Read Mythology pp. 201-210.  The Iliad PP
    12/21  Boticelli game.
    12/10  Antebellum Heroes w/s due (Reading Mythology pp. 146-184)  Antebellum Heroes PP
    12/11  Cry, the Beloved Country Review Day
    12/12  Cry, the Beloved Country Test
    12/13  Finish Antebellum PP; What's on the test?  Good review methods.  RP reader's log info  RP: Reader's Log Template
    12/14  PPs: 8 Tales of Lovers, Mythical Meters.  Starts with ? review; Crossword puzzle  Greek Mythology Crossword Answers
    12/3  Mythology pp. 65-77 due.  Finish gods family tree; creation stories
    12/4  Cry, the Beloved Country Chs. 18-28 Quiz; 4 Theories of Mythology; Read pp. 39-40 for Wed.  Vocab work time-- due Fri., 12/7
    12/5  Imaginary Field Trip to the Underworld; Read Mythology pp. 105-121 for Thursday
    12/6  Open-book Quiz  Mythology pp. 105-121
    12/7  Mythology vocabulary due; open-note quizRead pp. 146-184 for Monday; Complete w/s; SSR time  Antebellum Heroes w/s
    11/26 <Library>  RP: Write bibliography cards
    11/27 <Library>  RP: Write bibliography cards
    11/28  RP: 15 Bibliography cards due; Cry, the Beloved Country Chs. 9-17 Quiz Greek mythology "pretest"
    11/29  Definition of "myth" and importance of mythology  Read pp. 13-16 for Thursday
    11/30  Greek mythology vs. Christianity.  The family tree of the gods.  Read pp. 65-77 for Monday.
    11/12  Begin Research Paper.  Introduction.  You may select authors tomorrow.
    11/13  Cry, the Beloved Country Chs. 1-8 Quiz.  Select authors.  Continue introduction.
    11/14  Directed Reading w/s due.  Write bib. cards using Destiny (on-line card catalog)
    11/15  <Library>  Bib cards from Reference
    11/16  <Library>  Bib cards from Galenet
    11/5  Review game for Middle Ages Lit. test: Tic-Tac-Dough.
    11/6  NO SCHOOL
    11/7  Medieval Literature Test.  (No essay)
    11/8  Lesson: Using a Counter-Argument.  Pre-CFAs returned.
    11/9  Write post-CFACry, the Beloved Country background information w/s due in Schoology.
    10/29  Finish pre-CFA Middle Ages (King Arthur)
    10/30  Romance Knowledge Chart.  Read pp. 16-17.  Literature Launcher.
    10/31  Notes on Romance and Le Morte d'Arthur.  Begin reading: "The Lady of the Lake."
    11/1    Finish reading "The Lady of the Lake." 
    11/2    Get Cry, the Beloved Country novels and schedule.  Review begins for Middle Ages Lit. Test.  Pyramid Review Game.
    10/22  Continue Chaucer pilgrim presentations
    10/23  In-class read "The Patrdoner's Tale" T-P-S  Partner quiz
    10/24  Finish Chaucer pilgrim presentations, get "skipped" pilgrims, 
    10/25  Read 3 of 5 tales before Monday, Nov. 4   Name that Pilgrim Review
    10/26  Pre-CFA Le Morte D'Arthur
    10/15  Video: Great Books: Lord of the Flies  with questions
    10/16  Lord of the Flies Review Day   "Lord of the Flies" Class PP
    10/17  Lord of the Flies Test
    10/18  Begin Chaucer pilgrim oral presentations
    10/19  Continue Chaucer pilgrim oral presentations
    10/8  Finish Chaucer PP, CT Performance Task explained  CT Pilgrim Performance Task directions
    10/9  Quiz: Lord of the Flies Chapters 7-9; With partners begin performance task  "The Knight" sample presentation by Mr. Kelly
    10/10  <Library> Chaucer research
    10/11  <Library> Chaucer research
    10/12  <Library> Chaucer research
    10/1  Ballads" "Sir Patrick Spens" with audio.  "The Demon Lover."  For h/w read the short story version.
    10/2  Quiz: "The Demon Lover" ss.  Listen to "House Carpenter."  Read "Get Up and Bar the Door."
    10/3  Quiz: Chapters 4-6 Lord of the Flies.  Finish 1066 Notes and review for tomorrow's expanded quiz.  Kahoot!
    10/4  Expanded Quiz: Medieval History and Ballads
    10/5  Begin notes on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.   Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" PP
    9/24  Beowulf c/c essays returned.  History: 1066 Notes.  1066 History Notes
    9/25  Lord of the Flies Chs. 1-3 Quiz.  Finish 1066 Notes. Read "Life on a Manor"  (in Schoology)
    9/26  Do "Life on a Manor" questions in class...finish before midnight.
    9/27  "Feudalism" Game
    9/28  Ballads.  Read pp. 200-201.  "Bonnie Barbara Allan."
    9/17  Beowulf c/c essay due.  Pre-CFA essays returned.  Lesson on 5 paragraph essay w/transitions and new insight
    9/18  Lord of the Flies books distributed. "Lord of the Flies" Reading Schedule  Anglo-Saxon Lit. test review day  Anglo-Saxon Jeopardy
    9/19  Post CFA writing
    9/20  Anglo-Saxon Literature Test
    9/21  SSR: Lord of the Flies reading
    9/10  Beowulf w/s dueBeowulf Reading Quiz.  Go over w/s.  Assign Beowulf c/c essay due Monday, 9/17.
    9/11  Read Lord of the Rings excerpt.  C/c Beowulf and Tolkien's style.
    9/12  Do graphic organizer: Beowulf vs. Eowyn.  Sample essay.  Do graphic organizer for tomorrow's class.
    9/13  Graphic Organizer due.  Peer edit.  Pictorial Anglo-Saxon review.  Anglo-Saxon Drawings
             Read "The Seafarer" and answer Questiions 1-7 in Schoology
    9/14  "Seafarer" questions due.  Class lesson.
    9/4  4 characteritics of Anglo-Saxon poetry; Poetry PP  ; Beowulf video promo.  Begin reading Beowulf.
    9/5  Anglo-Saxon pre-CFA  in-class writing
    9/6  Continue Beowulf, "Unferth's Taunt"  Bagby video
    9/7  Finish "Battle with Grendel."  Assign pp. 34-50 "The Rest of the Story" w/s.  Due Monday; expect quiz.
    8/27  Introduction.  Syllabus available on teacher webpage.  Reminder: Summer reading assignment is due to Mrs. Small
    8/28  Anglo-Saxon history notes  Anglo-Saxon History PP
    8/29  Anglo-Saxon Literature notes and riddles
    8/30  The origin of Beowulf.  Handout: The Geats and the Danes