5/22  FINAL EXAM
    5/13  FINAL RESEARCH PAPER DUE!   Keats' "When I Have Fears"
    5/14  Keats' "Ode on a Grecian Urn"
    5/15  Romantic Age review day  Romantic Age Expanded Quiz set-up
    5/16  Romantic Age expanded quiz
    5/17  Word Wright Awards; class evaluation
    5/6  Rime of the Ancient Mariner w/s due and RPT
    5/7   Second Generation Romantics PP    Byron's "She Walks in Beauty"
    5/8  AP ENGLISH LITERATURE TEST DAY;   Research paper work day
    5/9  Byron's "Apostrophe to the Ocean,"  "On this Day"
    5/10  Shelley's "Ozymandias" and "Sonnet: Englsnd in 1819"
    4/29  2 AP poetry selections MC due.  Lesson: MC and the 7-minute passage
    4/30  Finish AP preparation work; Introduce Romanticism
    5/1    Literature Launcher;  "The World is Too Much With Us" and "My Heart Leaps Up"
    5/2   The Lucy poems by William Wordsworth
    5/3   Read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.  W/s due Monday.
    4/23  RP Rough Drafts returned;  Word Wright Contest #4
    4/24  RP Questions answered, advice, final checklist; Begin AP Exam preparation  RP Final Checklist
    4/25  Discussion: Choices for the AP open-ended prompt
    4/26  Discussion: prose and poetry essays; Assign 2 AP MC selections.  Due Monday.
    4/15  RP: Rough Draft with Works Cited due!  In-class AP essay writing prompt
    4/16  Essays returned.  Discussion.  Review w/s for AP Metaphysical Expanded Quiz tomorrow.  Metaphysical Poetry Quiz components
    4/17  Metaphysical Poetry Expandex Quiz
    4/8    <Auditorium>  Macbeth Dumb Show review
    4/9    Macbeth Test
    4/10  Introduction to Metaphysical Poetry; pp. 420-421, "The Flea," "Song"  Assign "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning" MC h/w
    4/11  "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning" MC due;  Begin "The Holy Sonnets"
    4/12  Finish "Holy Sonnets," Read "Meditation 17"
    4/1  RP: Lesson: How to create the outline and first paragraph
    4/2  RP: 100 note cards due.  Sample paper w/s. "The Plagiarism Plague"
    4/3  Macbeth video clips
    4/4  RP: Outline and first paragraph due. Quotations review Macbeth review  What's on the test?
    4/5  Outlines/first paragraphs returned. "Macbeth" Review Conitinue Macbeth review  Crossword answers
    3/25  Finish Act 2 of Macbeth.  Macbeth Act 3 assigned.  Complete w/s.
    3/26  Macbeth Act 3 w/s due"Pop" quotation quiz.  Begin Reading Act 4.
    3/27  Finish Act 4 of Macbeth.  Begin Act 5.
    3/28  Finish Macbeth.
    3/29  Video: Macbeth
    3/18  <Library> Note gathering
    3/19  Lesson: Incorporating notes into your paper
    3/20  RP: 50 note cards due.  In-class work time.
    3/21  Read Macbeth Act 1 scenes 3,4  H/w Read Macbeth Act 1 scs. 5-7 w/s
    3/22  W/s Macbeth Act 1 scs. 5-7 due.  Begin reading Act 2.
    3/11  RP: Final reader's log due.  Lesson: How to take notes and paraphrase
    3/12  <Library> Note gathering
    3/13  <Library> Note gathering
    3/14  <Library> Note gathering
    3/15  RP: Preliminary thesis due in Schoology.  <Library> Note gathering
    3/5  In-class essay: 2 sonnets about sonnets
    3/6  Work day: original sonnet
    3/7  Imaginary Field Trip: The Globe Theatre
    3/8  Original Sonnet due.  Introduction to Macbeth.
    2/25  RP: Reader's Log #1 due.  Spenser sonnets #30, 67, 75
             Shakespeare's sonnets notes.  Read #29, 73, 116 answer w/s for Tuesday.  Shakespeare sonnet notes
    2/26  Go over Shakespeare sonnets #29, 73, abd 116
    2/27  Shakespeare sonnet #138.  Review for expanded quiz.  Renaissance Ex. Quiz
    2/28  Renaissance/Sonnets Expanded Quiz.
    3/1    Assign original sonnet: due Fri., 3/8.  How to guide and samples. Original Sonnet Rubric and Directions
    2/19  9 short stories Expanded Quiz.   Renaissance Knowledge Chart.
    2/20  SNOW DAY
    2/21  Read pp. 230, 232-3.  Literature Launcher
    2/22  9 short stories essay due.  Sonnet notes. Spenser sonnet #26  Sonnet notes
    2/11  9 short stories due.  Discussion of stories.
    2/12  SNOW DAY
    2/13  Discussion of stories.
    2/14  Finish discussion of stories.  Essay assigned and due Fri., 2/22.  Short stories essay prompts
    2/4  <Library> RP: working on bib. cards (Reference works)
    2/5  <Library> RP: working on bib. cards (Internet sources)
    2/6  <Library> RP: working on bib. cards
    2/7  RP: 15 Bib, cards due   Word Wright #3
    2/8  COLOR DAY!
    1/28   "Sir Beelzebub" due.  Review sheet,  Optional scansion preparation.
    1/29  Expanded Quiz: AP Poetry Terms.
    1/30  Begin research paper:  Introduction.
    1/31  RP: Authors may be claimed.  Continue introduction.  Assign directed reading w/s.
    2/1    RP: Directed reading w/s due.  Begin bibliography cards: card catalogue.
    1/22  9 Short stories assigned.  Read 1 in class.  All due by Monday, Feb. 11
    1/23  Scansion exercises due.  More scansion work.  Begin poetry terms.
    1/24  Finish poetry terms.  Identify 10 poetic devices in "Base Details" for tomorrow.
    1/25  "Base Details" due.  More scansion.  12 poetic devices from "Sir Beelzebub" due Mon., 1/28
    1/15  ENGLISH MIDTERM  7:30-9:10   AP Midterm A-Z answers
    1/18  Poetry lesson: Scansion.
    1/7   CT Read and Respond due in Schoology.  Romance Knowledge Chart, Read pp. 16-17, Literature Launcher
           Assign: Read 3 of 5 Canterbury Tales by Friday.
    1/8   Notes on Le Morte d'Arthur and story background; Read "The Lady of the Lake" segment
    1/9   Finish "The Lasy of the Lake,"  How test is set up, Name that Pilgrim PP,  Assign "Sir Gawain" mc due Thurs.
    1/10  Collect "Sir Gawain" mc.  Play "Tic Tac Dough" review game   Name that Pilgrim
    1/11  Medieval Literature Test.  Midterm review packet.  AP Midterm Review materials
    1/2  CT Kelly's notes due in google doc by 7:30 AM!  Caricature due for class.  Interactive Show-and-Tell.
    1/3  Empire Falls Review Day
    1/4  Empire Falls Test
    12/17  Kelly's Notes--assignment made.  Work time.  All materials are in Schoology.
    12/18  <Library>  Kelly's Notes work time
    12/19  T-P-S Read "The Pardoner's Tale"  Then 10-pt. partner quiz in Schoology
    12/20  Finish Kelly's Notes project
    12/21  Boticelli game
    12/10  "Seafarer" lesson.  Expanded quiz will be tomorrow.  Anglo-Saxon drawings
    12/11  Expanded Quiz: Anglo-Saxon literature.  Word Wright #2 vocabulary
    12/12  Word Wright #2
    12/14  Finish Chaucer PP notes;  Beowulf perspectives due.
    12/3  Creation of the Beowulf manuscript; "Greats and Danes" handout; 4 Characteristics of A-S poetry
    12/4  Beowulf vdeo clip intro; Begin reading Beowulf pp. 24-29
    12/5  Empire Falls novel assigned (due Jan. 3); "Unferth's Taunt"; Bagby video
    12/6  Finish reading Beowulf up to p. 34;  Homework: read pp. 34-52 for h/w and complete w/s
    12/7  "Beowulf: The Rest of the Story" w/s due; Assign Beowulf perspective (due Fri., 12/14)  Read "The Seafarer" pp. 79-82 for Monday
    11/26  <Library> Literary Archeologists
    11/27  Literary History article due.  Anglo-Saxon History PP.  Anglo-Saxon History PP
    11/28  Anglo-Saxon literature and riddles.
    11/29  Tess of the d"Urbervilles review
    11/30  Tess of the d'Urbervilles Test
    11/12  Oedipus Rex Test
    11/13  Debate: 2 short stories: "Appointment with Love" and "The Chaser"  Reading Quiz
    11/14  Finish debate
    11/15  Literary Archeologists Project
    11/16  <Library> Literary Archeologists Project
    11/5  Continue reading Oedipus Rex.
    11/6  NO SCHOOL
    11/7  Finish Oedipus Rex.  Video clip from Oedipus Rex movie.  Frazier episode.
    11/8  Class review for Oedipus Rex test.  "Myth" by Muriel Ruhkeyser  "Oedipus Rex" Review
    11/9  Why do I Like It?  Read "Appointment with Love" and "The Chaser" for Tues., 11/13
    10/29  "Poetics" w/s due. (Reading is in Schoology.) Notes on Tragedy.  Tragedy Rules PP
    10/30  Introduction to Oedipus Rex.  Get Tess of the d'Urbervilles novels: to be read by Thurs. 11/29
    10/31  Read Oedipus Rex in class.
    11/1    Read Oedipus Rex in class.
    11/2    Read Oedipus Rex in class.
    10/22  "Ulysses" Explication due (all) Review Day #1 for Greek Mythology Test (4,5)  Catch-22 Test (7)
    10/23  Review Day for Greek Mythology Test #2   Epic Crossword Answers
    10/24  Review Day for 7 ; Greek Theatre notes (4,5)  Read Aristotle's Poetics and complete w/s for Mon., Oct. 29 (all)
               Greek Theatre PP
    10/25  Greek Mythology Test #2  Part 1
    10/26  Greek Mythology Test #2  Part 2
    10/15  "Advice to a Prophet" MC due.  Word Wright vocabulary.  Greek Mythology #2: What's on the test? 
              (Test = Wed., Oct. 24)  What's on the Greek Mythology Test #2?
    10/16  Word Wright Contest #1
    10/17  Catch-22 Review Day #1  Dossier due in Schoology by midnight.  Share with your class.
    10/18  Catch-22 Review Day #2
    10/19  Catch-22 Test  (except 7th period)
    10/8  Great Books: Odyssey video
    10/9  Mythical allusions: "Phaethon,"  "Pan's Syrinx,"  "Escape"
    10/10  "The Minotaur" and explication, "Penelope" MC, Assign Graves's "Ulysses" explication (due Mon., 10/22)  Graves's "Ulysses"
    10/11  Archetypes  Assign "Advice to a Prophet" MC for Monday, 10/15
    10/12  In-class writing: 2 Helen poems
    10/1  Introduction to the Greek epics.  9 Epic Conventions.  Read Mythology pp. 185-200 for Tuesday.
    10/2  Iliad text.  Begin Iliad PP.  Read pp. 200-210 for Wednesday.
    10/3  Conclude Iliad PP.  Read pp. 211-229 for Thursday.
    10/4  Organize Odyssey pictographs in groups.  Begin Odyssey notes.  Do 2 AP mc sections on The Odyssey for Friday.
    10/5  Finish Odyssey notes.  Go over AP responses.
    9/24  Antebellum Heroes w/s due.
    9/25  Myth Vocabulary due.  Open-note quiz.  Finish Antebellum Heroes PP.
    9/26  Mythology Review: Study suggestions.  Mythology starts with ?  Mythical Meters.  What's on the Test?
    9/27  Greek Mythology Jeopardy Review Crossword puzzle answers  Greek Mythology Jeopardy  
    9/28  Greek Mythology Test #1
    9/17  Imaginary Field Trip to the Underworld   Underworld PDF 1   Underworld PDF 2          
    9/18  Catch-22 novel assigned with dossier.  Due Oct. 17 (Wed.)  Short Myth skit preparation day.
    9/19  Present short myth skits.
    9/20  2 Assignments made: Antebellum Heroes w/s  due Mon., 9/24 for pp. 146-184 and Mythology vocabulary due Tues., 9/25   
    9/21  SSR: work day and/or read Catch-22
    9/10  Register with turnitiin.com.  Lord of the Flies discussion day.  "Lord of the Flies" Class Notes
    9/11  Pre-quiz: Mythology.  Myth definition.  Shintosim example.  Read Mythology pp. 13-35 for tomorrow.
    9/12  MCCC promotion.  Greek mythology vs. Christianity.  Begin family tree of the gods.  Read pp. 65-77 for Thursday.
    9/13  Finish family tree of the gods.   Creation stories.
    9/14  2 Lord of the Flies essays due.  4 Theories of Mythology.  Read pp. 39-40 for Monday.
    9/4  Review Day: Angela's Ashes
    9/5  Test: Angela's Ashes
    9/6  AP prompt: good writing and scoring "Feasting and Fasting"
    9/7  Brief overview: Lord of the Flies.  Asssign 2 essays, due Friday, 9/14."Lord of the Flies" Essays
    8/27  Collect Reader's Logs from summer reading.   AP Reader's Log Scoring Rubric
             Introduction and Syllabus.
    8/28  Review Day: Brave New World. "Brave New World" PP Check out 
             this article: "The End of Utopia" by Peter Firchow
    8/29  Test: Brave New World  Assign Huxley's "Music at Night" M-C
    8/30  H/w: Huxley MC due.