5/14  Present valedictions
    5/16  Conclude valedictions
    5/6   Finish Goertzen's Game impromptu; sample valediction
    5/8   Present valedictions
    5/10  Present valedictions
    4/30  In-class: read and respond to 3 valedictions
    5/2    Valediction themes/topics due;  Impromptu speech Goertzen's Game
    4/24  Conclude Sales speeches; video reflection sheet
    4/26  Introduction to Valediction speeches
    4/15  Continue Sales speeches
    4/17  Continue Sales speeches
    4/9   Impromptu: Bag speech
    4/11  Begin Sales speeches
    4/1  "5 P's of Salesmanship"  Create a brief sales pitch for an odd item
    4/3  Sample "Subway" sales speech; past examples,  Assign sales speech
    4/5  Sales speech topics due; Sell "Bill"; sample paint speech
    3/26  Symposium: Dating in the 21st century
    3/28  Impromptu Speech: Embarrassing Moment
    3/18  Symposium: School Safety
    3/20  Symposium: School Activities
    3/22  Symposium: Social Media Issues
    3/12  Symposium: Public Education
    3/14  Impromptu speech: Fortune Cookie
    3/6   Symposium preparation day
    3/8   Symposium preparation day
    2/25  Group discussion: Narg Island Day #2
    2/27  What a group needs to be successful.  Symposium introduced.
    3/1    Symposium groups formed.  Topics selected.
    2/21  Group discussion: Narg Island Day #1
    2/11  Assign AM announcement dates. 
    2/13  Begin AM announcements
    2/14  Group discussion: Hostage scenario
    2/5  Finish Oral; Interpretation presentations.
    2/7  Intoduction to symposiums.
    1/28  Bring marked readings to class.  Partner practice sessions.
    1/30  Oral Interpretation presentations begin.
    2/1   Oral Interpretation presentations continue.
    1/22  Example: "Dark of the Theatre"  Oral Interpretation assignment made.
    1/24  Reading selection chosen.
    1/17   MIDTERM must be turned in by 11:00 AM today!  3 recordings on Schoology and paper copy (marked as indicated) to Mr. Kelly
    1/7    Collect "Mark the copy" h/w.  Read "The Reading of Poetry."  Practice technique sample: "To An Athlete Dying Young"
    1/9    Midterm assignment made through Schoology.  Due by Thurs., 1/17 at 11:00 AM!  Practice techniques in groups.
    1/11  Experiment: reading poetry later read by the original poets
    1/3  Collect video comments.  Oral Interpretation: 2 exercises.  Read pp. 439-443.  Due "Mark your Copy" for Mon. 1/7.
    12/17  Continue Demonstration speeches
    12/19  Conclude Demonstration speeches
    12/21  Boticelli game.
    12/11  Continue Demonstration speeches
    12/13  Continue Demonstration speeches
    12/3  Demonstration speech topics due; In-class, outline Heimlich speech
    12/5  Determine order of the speeches; Impromptu Speech--Pet Peeve
    12/7  Begin demonstration speeches
    11/27  3 Demo speakers essay due.  Mr. Kelly's Origami speech.  Suggested topics
    11/29  Finish speech criteria.  Canoeing speech sample.
    11/12  Continue Persuasion speeches
    11/14  Finish Persuasion Speeches
    11/16  Video "review" due.  Watch 3 Demo speakers (video).  Comparative essay due on Tues., 11/27
    11/5   Persuasion Speeches due
    11/8   Continue Persuasion speeches
    10/30  Topics due.  Persuasion Game.
    11/1    Rough outlines due.  Peer edit.
    10/22  Finish Impromptu speeches; Monroe's Motivated Sequence
    10/24  "The Problem with Pennies" speech and outline; assign persuasion speech
    10/26  In-class outline writing practice: "A Friend in Need"
    10/16  Mock Trial #1
    10/18  Impromptu Speech
    10/8    Mock trial preparation day
    10/10  Mock Trial #5
    10/12  Mock Trial #3
    10/2  Conclude First Speech
    10/4  Begin/introduce Mock Trials
    9/24  First Speech due.  Begin speeches
    9/26  Continue first speech
    9/28  Conclude first speech


    9/18  Trumpet Mutes sample speech.  Create an outline.

    9/20  First speech outlines due.  Peer edits.  Sample rubric.  Final advice.

    9/10  Quiz: "Know your Listeners" reading.  "Nothing to Sneeze At" puzzle.

    9/12  Sample speech, outline, and note card.  Introduction to first speech.

    9/14  First speech topic due.  How to create an outline.  Generating exciting introductions.
    9/4   Introductions.  What do we have in common?
    9/6   Eye-Contact activity.  Read "Know your Audience" in Schoology by Monday.
    8/27  Introduction and Syllabus
    8/29  Class mtg.