• The following are important documents that you may need or want to refer to over the course of the year!
      • Welcome to First Grade!
        •  2021/2022 Meet Mrs. Beaver
      • Back to School Night Packet (coming soon)
      • Communication:
        • I communicate at the start of the week via Schoology.  Please be sure to check Schoology daily for important class and curricular updates. 
        • I will send home a weekly newsletter at the start of each week.  This newsletter will highlight all of our curricular goals.
      • Raz-Kids is an incredible resource for encouraging and motivating your child to read at home.  We will also utilize this program at school.
      • First Graders will have the opportunity to plant, harvest, and even eat vegetables from our classroom Tower Garden!  In order for your child to participate in ANY tower tasting event, parents must first complete the Tower Tasting Permission form. 



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