Prom is April 27, 2019 at the Sunnybrook Ballroom (50 Sunnybrook Road, Pottstown, PA 19464)


    Timeline for the evening:

    • Students can be dropped of starting at 5:30 pm - but must be at prom by 7:30.  You will need the permission of an administrator if you arrive after 7:30.

    • Promenade starts promptly at 6 pm.  If you are participating in promenade, please bring as little with you as possible, especially if you do not want to carry it on camera.

    • Dinner starts at 7 pm

    • Dancing starts at 8 pm

    • Announcement of prom King and Queen will be at 10 pm.


    Ticket Sales:

    • Monday, March 25 through Friday, March 29, 2019

    • Monday, April 1 through Friday April 5, 2019

    • Tickets will be sold during lunches for $70 per ticket.

    • Checks should be made payable to:  Pottsgrove High School (and the student name should be on the memo line). 



  • Eligibility

    A student is NOT eligible to attend prom if they:

    • are NOT passing at least 4 credits

    • have 10 or more unexcused absences

    • have 10 or more unexcused tardies

    • have 10 or more disciplinary referrals


    If you are ineligible, and want to attend prom, you must meet with a member of the principal team.  They will then decide whether you are allowed to attend prom.  There is an agreement that you will be given upon meetin with one of the principals that will allow you to purchase tickets.  If you are listed as ineligible you will not be able to purchase a ticket, or have a ticket purchased for you, without this agreement.  Also, students attending prom on this principal's agreement are not allowed to run for prom court.


    Remember that your ticket may be revoked by breaking the school Code of Conduct with a level 2, or higher, offense.  Please see page 3 of the student handbook, as well as the printed information on the back of your prom ticket.  Refunds cannot be guaranteed.  


  • Guests (non-Pottsgrove students and graduates)

    A guest is any person that is not currently attending Pottsgrove High School.  This form is required to be on file in order to allow your date to attend prom, along with a copy of their ID - which they must bring with them on prom night.  If the form is not turned in by April 16, 2019, your date will not be allowed to attend, and you will NOT be issued a refund for the ticket.


    **If your date is out of high school, the form should be filled out with their parent's information - it becomes an emergency card while they are at the event.


    Pottsgrove Dance Guest Form 


  • Tables


    There will be 10 students at a table for prom.  You MUST sit at your assigned table through dinner service.  Forms returned with 10 people per table will be guaranteed to sit with those they choose.  If a form is returned with less than 10, the gaps will be filled with other students.  In the past, dates have been split because they did not return the form.

    Table forms need to be returned to the main office by APRIL 16.  After this date, you will be randomly seated.