WHY RENT??
    •  All repairs/replacements are included in the rental cost.  If a string breaks, or even if the neck of the instrument snaps in half, a new instrument is sent to you at no charge.
    • String instruments are sized to fit different heights.  Your 3rd grader will need a 1/2 size violin, but when he gets to 4th or 5th grade he will need a 3/4 size.  When he gets to middle school he will move into a full size.
    • The monthly rental fees are put towards the eventual purchase of a full size instrument.
    • This is a chance to try an instrument out without being stuck with it if your child decides the instrument is just not a right fit for him.

    If you choose to buy an instrument online please do research before purchasing it.  Often times online retailers rely on the fact that parents might not know what to look for when purchasing an instrument.   I would be glad to offer you the names of reputable brands of band and string instruments. 

    • PLEASE do NOT purchase the Mendini OR Cecilio brand instruments.  These instruments do not come in playing condition and need to be sent in for numerous repairs before they are playable.

    • PLEASE do NOT purchase A '4/4' or "full size' instrument. This full size WILL NOT fit an elementary school student, it is too big.  Most students do not grow into full size instruments until late middle school. 

    • PLEASE do NOT purchase an instrument in any various colors.


    Please contact Mrs. Hyde directly if you are interested in our school instrument loaner program.