What's in it for you?
  • We’re kicking outdated stereotypes to the curb!

    We're not a tiny handful of "super moms" doing everything on our own.  We are a diverse group bringing experience, energy, and enthusiasm to West Pottsgrove. Moms, dads, and stepparents who work in or out of the home, grandparents, friends and family can all add something special and valuable to the PTA, and get something equally valuable in return.

    We are excited for you to join us in any way you can. Your PTA experience will be about what you make it, and every contribution makes a difference for our kids!

    Use your PTA Membership to:

    • Be present and engaged. Quality time with your children through programs and events shows how much you care and demonstrates the importance you place on their education. (And whether or not they admit it, kids are proud when their parents show up and take part!)

    • Get connected. Meet and network with other parents, teachers, and school administrators. Get familiar with the environment where your child spends a good portion of their day.

    • Find a community. Connect other awesome families who share your concerns and want to help our kids. You already have a shared link to West and many experiences in common. See where it goes from there!

    • Be in the know. The PTA plans and sponsors many events and activities throughout the school year. You'll always know what's going on and who is involved.

    • Learn new things. Prepare to be impressed with and learn from volunteers who bring fresh ideas and technological know-how to the job. If you have suggestions to enhance productivity, speak up!

    • Have fun. Most events are about bringing fun and entertainment to the kids, but there's no reason the adults can't enjoy themselves too!

    • Watch yourself grow. Use your skills and hobbies for an important cause while setting a good example. There are also many possibilities to challenge yourself and learn new things. Who knows what you'll discover about yourself and what you're able to do?

    • Polish your leadership skills and your resume. Not only is the PTA a great way to network and expand your contact base, chairing an event or serving as an officer can give you valuable professional skills.

    • Be rewarded. Watching kids having a good time and knowing you helped make that happen is a great feeling. Become part of a community, and see your efforts have a direct impact, from fun events to much needed classroom supplies.

    • Give back. Today, so many schools are being asked to do more with less. By becoming part of PTA, you will be part of the solution, to help make and support positive changes in your child’s school and in the lives of many children.

    • Speak up. PTA can be a way for you to more effectively be the voice for change at your child’s school.

    PTA membership also offers you the opportunities for discounts from a variety of companies. Click here to check out the list provided by the National PTA.

    PTA dues are $8 per member, paid on an annual basis. To find out more about where your money goes, visit the Pennsylvania PTA website.

    Ready to join?  Sign up today and check out the many opportunities to get involved!