• Bus Incident Reports

    If you have a safety concern or would like to report an incident that occurred on the bus, please contact your child’s school principal by either calling the office or emailing them at:

    Ringing Rocks Elementary:  Cstango@pgsd.org

    West Pottsgrove Elementary: SSieller@pgsd.org

    Lower Pottsgrove Elementary:TKoehler@pgsd.org  

    Pottsgrove Middle School:  Fgonzalez@pgsd.org

    Pottsgrove High School:  WZiegler@pgsd.org

    The principal or designee will contact you within 24 hours or the next school day.


    Parent Notifications

    Parents/Guardians will be called via SchoolMessenger for the following reasons:

    • Severe lateness (more than 20 minutes)
    • Accident involving a bus
    • Fight (Parents/Guardians of student involved)
    • Police involvement (Parents/Guardians of students involved)


    Bus Stop

    If you need the bus to pick up or drop off your student(s) at a different location because you moved or have a daycare/babysitting change, please share the new information with your child’s school secretary by emailing them at:

    Ringing Rocks Elementary:  BPaolucci@pgsd.org

    West Pottsgrove Elementary:  RLloyd@pgsd.org

    Lower Pottsgrove Elementary:  Amartin@pgsd.org

    Pottsgrove Middle School:  CRhoades2@pgsd.org

    Pottsgrove High School:  JClemmer@pgsd.org

    **Emergency changes must be communicated to the school secretary by 12 noon on the day of transportation.


    Multi-bus assignments

    A student whose parents are divorced (separated) with joint custody will be assigned to bus stops near each parent’s home assuming both parents live in the Pottsgrove School District.  All other students will be assigned one (1) bus stop within the school's footprint.  In the event, your child needs alternate transportation or you wish to pick your child,  please make arrangements with the school office.  These arrangements must be received before 12 noon.



    Excessive bus delays, requests for bus stop relocation, or bus driver complaints are to be reported to Jeff Cardwell at 610-327-2277 ext  1005 or at jcardwell@pgsd.org.