• I would like to welcome you to my new school wires information zone.  You will find a couple interesting pages on Schoology for my students.  The page called Pre-Algebra is for my students in periods 4,5, and 8. The page called Algebra 1 is for my students in period 7.   
    Every year I am asked , "What do I need to bring to your math class?"  A smile, a good work ethic, a sense of humor, a couple of pencils, paper in a 1.5" to 2" binder and your CHARGED iPad.  If you would like to purchase a graphing calculator that is your choice.  I bought one for BOTH of my children when they were in 7th grade and they still have them!  It is a worthy $100 investment.  Don't worry though,  I have a classroom set if you need one.  Please refrain from using any pens for your notes and homework.  We all make mistakes and it is much neater to erase pencil then cross out pen.  You should always have a RED pen in case we correct answers in class.  That is pretty much it, other than a GREAT attitude.
    I want to let all parents know that almost every single day of the six day cycle, I do offer homework assistance/tutoring for ALL of my Pre-Algebra and Algebra students during period #9.  ALL of my Pre-Algebra and Algebra students are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to come to my room for help.  You the parent are busy enough at home and I want to help each student with the completion and understanding of their homework.  Parents please please please encourage your child to report to my room each day 9th period if they are not busy with another activity and are having some difficulty with completing their homework assignment.

    Just a reminder that you can find my ZOOM links for your class on your Schoology page. This zoom link will be provided if and when necessary. Hopefully, we will have ALL of our student days in person this school year. Remember though if there is an emergency shutdown to check Schoology for the Zoom link!