Residency Verification


    The Pottsgrove School District requires verification of the residence of all students residing in the district. This would also include any address changes that might take place throughout the school year.


    You will be required to provide one verification from each of the following groups.  The information provided needs to show the address where the parent/guardian and the child reside on a permanent basis. If you are unable to provide the following documents your child will not be able to enroll in Pottsgrove School District until the documents are received by the Registration Department at the Pottsgrove School District.


    Group 1: One document is required from this group.

    • Rental Agreement/Current Lease
    • HUD Settlement Form /Closing Disclosure Form
    • Deed- Copy of the entire deed

    Group 2: One document is required from this group.

    • Utility Bill- This bill must be current within the last 2 months.
    • Water, Trash and Sewer Bill

    If you are residing with a current Pottsgrove School District resident you will need to fill out the Multiple Occupancy Paperwork listed below.  These documents must be filled out by both the Parent/legal guardian as well as the resident of the Pottsgrove School District and notarized each school year. We will still need a copy of one verification from each of the groups listed above to show residency in the Pottsgrove School District.


    1. Certification of Multiple Occupancy
    2. Application for Multiple Occupancy Registration

    The district may conduct random observations to follow up on residency compliance throughout the school year.  If it is determined that the conditions of the Multiply Occupancy Affidavit are not being met the Parent/Legal Guardian and the Resident will be liable to reimburse the Pottsgrove School District for, but not limited to, tuition, legal costs, court costs and administrative costs.


    Click here to download the forms for Multiple Occupancy.