• Team 7/8 Conferences

     To sign up for a conference please see the link on the Middle Schools's Homepage

    Pottsgrove Middle School will hold parent conferences in November.  Conferences are held by team.  This year there are many students who have teachers on multiple teams.  Please select to meet with the team that has the majority of your child's teachers.  That schedule will then be sent to other 7th and 8th grade teachers who will make every effort to attend.



    7/8 teachers include: Mrs. Kuzniar, Ms. Diegelman, Mr. Reifinger, and Mr. Devlin

    8-1 teachers include: Mr. Bailey, Ms. Kratz, Mr. Moyer, and Mrs. McKown

    8-2 teachers include Mrs. Smith, Mr. Algeo, Mr. Liebel and Mrs. McCurley.

    7-1 teachers include: Mrs. Parker, Mr. Carter, Mrs. Henry, and Mr. Foltz

    7-2 teachers include: Mr. Deveney, Mr. Moyer, Mrs. Lilly, and Mrs. Britton