Academic American History- Period 2 
    Eleventh grade American History class encompasses the time period before the Civil War through the Vietnam War (1850s-1975). There is also an emphasis placed on current events, especially themes that are recurring concepts in American history like race relations, immigration, and economics. The course tends to be well received by students, as they are at a great age for increased civic engagement and discussion about these issues.
    Hello Parents!  I wanted to give you some new information regarding the use of Schoology in my classroom.  First, it is a great way for students to stay connected to the learning that occurs in the classroom.  It expands the walls of the classroom allowing for interaction between students and teachers, and allows more flexibility for assignments, both in the type of assignments and when they are completed.  As a parent, you have the ability to create your own account in Schoology.  If you have more than one child, you still only need one account - you can link your children with the associated codes.  The benefit of having an account is that you can see upcoming events in the classroom and see what your child is doing in the program.  Since this is being used in my classroom, this is where I will maintain upcoming events, homework, etc.  Please consider creating an account!
    You will need a code to associate your account with your student, so please email me if you need me to provide you with the code.  I also believe that you can get the code from your students account.
    Setting up a parent account:  Click Here 
    Managing a parent account:  Click Here 
    The parent portal for Power School can be accessed at https://powerschool.pgsd.org 
    If you have any questions, or to receive the parent code, please email me @ mscott@pgsd.org.   Please include your name, your student's name, and what period they have my class (makes searching the codes faster until i get to know everyone). For those wishing to call, please use 610-326-6671. 
    Mrs. Scott