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    Academic Civics is a survey course that will allow time and discussion of pertinent current event topics occuring throughout the United States and abroad. This course will cover the following topics; citizenship, branches of government, various political systems, federal, state, and local government, and economics. Students will become familiar with governing documents like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and your own rights as a citizen. and!/ are two of the many resources that you will utilize throughout the course!


    Throughout this course, we will be utilizing Schoology as our home base to interact with the various course units and topics that we will be analyzing over the school year. Throughout our school district's 1:1 initiative, students will constantly using their Apple MacBook Air computers to complete interactive instructional activities on a daily basis. Here, students and parents will be able to track various assessments and activities that will be graded assignments. Students should be sure to download the Flash Player and Microsoft applications, in the self service portal, to better prepare for classroom activities. 


    If you have any questions or concerns about the course, feel free to look at the course syllabus or email me at


    Best wishes,

    Mr. Kriebel

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