This course is divided into three units of study. Students will study disease transmission and how we fight disease with our natural defenses and with medicine in Immunology. Followed by a brief review of Genetics and an in-depth examination of gene expression, modern genetic technologies and relevant social issues in genetics. The third unit, Marine Biology, will include a field trip to Wallops Island, VA. This course is highly recommended for students considering careers or college level work in biology. Grades weighted 105% for G.P.A. and class rank      


    Credit: 1.17 - Grades weighted 105% for G.P.A. and class rank


    Required Textbooks and Materials - For each unit, a notebook, containing teacher made materials and selections from articles and texts will be provided.


    Suggested Course Materials - A large 3-ring binder with a pocket folder is recommended for holding the lecture notes, laboratory handouts, and other supplementals.


    NASA Beach

    Students exploring the Sand Dunes on Wallops Island - April 2019


    Boat Trip

    A handfull of snails were among some of the marine creatures caught from the boat trawl - April 2019