• ELA – English/Language Arts

    ELA is guided by the reading program ”Wonders” by McGraw-Hill. This program consists of theme-based comprehension skills and strategies, concepts of print, guided reading and interactive read aloud. We work on beginning reader skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, rhyming words, opposites, alphabet recognition, listening for sounds within a word, sight words, and learning to read word families. Your child will learn to read this year (or become a stronger reader than he or she already is)! How exciting!!!


    Handwriting and Writing Workshop

    We will use the “Fundations” phonics and handwriting program as well as activities to promote fine motor control. We will work on forming letters correctly on lined paper. In writing workshop our goal is for children to enjoy writing. The students will complete a narrative, informational, and opinion piece of writing by the end of the year. We start the year by learning how to draw so that they are able to expand their writing.



    We will be using a math program called Math in Focus. This program will cover the following concepts: comparisons, sorting, classifying, numbers 0-100, shapes (solids and flats), patterns, measuring, problem solving, addition and subtraction, counting and writing numbers. We also have a daily calendar routine when we learn the days of the week, months of the year, graphing and tallying, place value, addition, subtraction, and counting by 1’s, 5’s, & 10’s. Independent math stations are a great way for us to remediate and offer enrichment to meet student needs. 


    Daily 5 Literacy Activities

    Students will be engaged in independent reading, writing, and listening activities as well as teacher directed guided reading groups. Leveled groups will be starting in late September.


    Math Stations

    Students will be engaged in math games and activities to reinforce the skills that we are working on. This is also when students will be pulled to work on enrichment and remediation activities with the teacher.


    Science and Social Studies

    We use the FOSS science curriculum. We will investigate three units this year including: Trees and Weather, Materials and Motion, and Animals (worms, insects, and fish). Our social studies themes include Family and Friends, and Holidays (celebrated by different cultures around the world).



    100 Book Club- Students should be reading every night. Record the titles of books that you read to your child on the 100 Book Club log. Please keep this log in the blue pocket of the BEE Binder. As the year progresses, add titles of books that your child reads to you as well. 

    Leveled Readers- Books that are on your child’s level will be sent home soon. Please make sure your child keeps the books in their BEE Binder.  This is a book that your CHILD READS TO YOU.

    Rainbow Words- Your child will have sight words to practice. Sight words are words that must be memorized. They do not follow the “normal” rules when sounding out words. Your child will need to master each set of words to be able to move on to the next color set.