Why join the PTA?
  • Your financial support and volunteerism of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) through membership & donations enables the Pottsgrove Music League PTA to supplement our Pottsgrove’s Music Department for student-worthy causes such as music field trips, elementary music carnival, rehearsal & performance meals, music consultants, recognition awards and so much more. From elementary to high school, we supplement expenses for all the various music programs. The Pottsgrove Music League PTA is a non-profit 501c and a proud supporter of our strong & vibrant music programs.


    Do I have to volunteer if I join the PTA? No, you are not required to volunteer if you join the PTA. We need your membership for the reasons listed above. If you want to volunteer, we'd love to have you!

    Do I have to attend the PTA meetings? No, you do not need to attend the PTA meetings if you join the PTA. Of course, we encourage you to attend the regular PTA meetings. Meetings start at 7 pm and the duration is about 1 hour.

    How do I join the PTA? It is easy to join! Single memberships are $8.00.

    Simply go to https://pottsgrovemusicleague.memberhub.store/ to join.

    How do I contribute if I want to give beyond the membership fee? Simply send your donation, in an envelope, to your child's teacher or the school office. Checks should be made payable to Pottsgrove Music League PTA (PML PTA). 100% of your contribution stays within all the Pottsgrove music programs and benefits your child. Each contribution is tax-deductible and you can request a receipt from the PTA for your records.

    I am new to the Music League and would like to volunteer but don't know how? If you are new to us, you will find our district music programs are wonderful, filled with caring, nurturing talented teachers, and committed & involved parents. It is easy to get involved at Lower, Middle, and High School, where there are many opportunities for you to become engaged. You can volunteer in your child's music program to chair an event; whether you want to volunteer a little or a lot, your time is greatly needed and appreciated. You can reach us through Facebook or by emailing pottsgrovemusicleague1@gmail.com.