• February, 2020


    Dear Parents/Guardians, 


    I am writing to provide you with valuable resources for parents and schools on vapes/vaping.  It’s important that you, and your son/daughter, are aware of the latest trends with vaping, juuling, and the dangers of it.  


    The Montgomery County Department of Drug and Alcohol provided schools with this tool kit to help inform parents and students about the danger of vaping.  In addition, I wanted to share some resources on how to talk to your son/daughter about vaping, the dangers of THC, and how we can support you as a school.  


    CLICK HERE to read the Montgomery County Toolkit on Vaping. 


    CLICK HERE to read Center for Disease Control’s guide on “E-Cigarettes and Youth - What Parents Need to Know” 


    Over the last two weeks, we have seen an increase in vapes which include THC (a form of marijuana) and other drugs.   In addition, we have been finding students are sharing vapes with one another without having any idea what substances are in the vape.   We have seen an increase in the number of vapes which include THC (a form of marijuana) and other drugs.  This is HIGHLY DANGEROUS and can cause serious medical issues.  


    CLICK HERE to read this Food & Drug Administration article on the Dangers of THC and Other Substances


    Vaping has no place in our schools and it will not be tolerated.  If students are found in the possession of or using a vape, we will enforce our discipline code, contact the police, confiscate the vape, and test the vape for illegal substances.  If the vape is found to include THC or other illegal substances charges will be pressed against the student. 


    Our school has a SNAP (Student Needs Assistant Program) Team of professionally trained staff members who are equipped to provide support and guidance to families in the area of drugs, alcohol, depression, self-harm, or other mental health issues.  In addition, our School Counseling Team is also ready to support your son/daughter and to help them find resources in the community.   


    Please contact your son/daughter’s School Counselor to access our Student Needs Assistance Program.  We can provide your son/daughter with a free drug/alcohol screening and resources to get connected with drug/alcohol counseling.  


    I encourage you to review the Toolkit, use the Toolkit Tipsheet for Parents to Talk to Their Teens (pp 15-18 in the Toolkit), and contact me if you have any questions.  We are here to support you in this discussion.  I can be reached on my cell phone at 610-960-2386 or by email at wziegler@pgsd.org.


    Bill Ziegler, Ed.D.