• Week of 5/25/2020

    There are No new assignments for this week.  Please complete any outstanding assignments by the end of this week.  Thank you and have a wonderful summer.



    Art Friday


    Welcome to Wonders of Art

    For our special Art Day on Friday, May 22nd:


    1.Choose a famous artwork and recreate it using any materials you wish OR Create your own unique artwork. After you created your work hold it up to the camera and answer this question, “Art is...” (What is Art to you?)

    Post the video on or before Friday to this Flipgrid: FlipGrid For Art Day


    2. I will take you on a tour to discover all the museums where you can find Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflower” paintings.


    3. I will post a Virtual Art Show of the work you have handed in while at home and some artwork we did while still in the school building. This will be posted on my district web page at: Virtual Art Show https://www.pgsd.org/Page/3684



    As education is now quite different than it has ever been, grades need to reflect those differences. Encore is going to start grading.  Encore grades will continue to use their current system of √’s and +.  We realize the challenges you face in regard to on-line learning, so please know that your child does not need to turn in every encore assignment.  It would be fantastic if your child were able to turn in a couple assignments for Art encore class before the end of the year. 

     When you do this assignment, please turn it in as an attachment on an email (kvanruler@pgsd.org) OR use your child’s classroom dojo to private message me with a picture. 

     Please, DO NOT turn it into your child's classroom portfolio. If you are having trouble, please feel free to email me.  Thank you for all you are doing!



    Week of 5/11/2020

    This week there are no new assignments.  It is a week to catch up on any assignments not completed to this point. Next week will be the last new lesson for the marking period.


    Activity for the week of 5/4/2020


    To go along with the extra fun paper tulip activity (not graded) you can explore the worlds largest flower garden here: Keukenhof.  This garden is located in the Netherlands.  Here is a link to some pictures of the garden: Pictures of Keukenhof


    I hope you enjoy exploring the amazing designs of the garden.


    Extra Fun: Paper Tulips You Tube

    Paper Tulip Bouquet


    Assignments for the week of 4/27/2020



    Kindergarten - Explore the Pop Up paper sculptures of artist, Peter Dahmen  in this video, Pop Up Sculpture



    1st Grade-  Exolore the work of French artist, Junior Fritz Jacquet and his toilet paper roll masks at this link:   Toilet Paper Roll Funny Faces




    2nd Grade - Explore the nature artworks of artist, Andy Goldsworthy  with this video:  Andy Goldsworthy at Storm King




    Assignments for the week of:  4/20/2020


    This weeks lessons are a little more challenging.  You will have two weeks to complete these lessons.  There will be a supplemental lesson for next week.  You will need to save your toilet paper or paper towel roll tubes for these lessons


    Please go to these Youtube links to see videos of my lessons.



    Kindergarten:  Ring Sculptures


    Ring Sculpture





    1st Grade:  Paper Roll Funny Face Portraits


    Paper Roll Funny Face





    2nd Grade:  Nature Mandala 


    Nature Mandala





    Assignments for the week of 4/13/2020



    Kindergarten: Line Type Search



    1st Grade:  Texture Search



    2nd Grade:  3-D Shape Search









    Assignments for the week of 4/6/2020:  SPRING BREAK

    The work for this week is for Enrichment purposes All Grade Levels will choose 1 or 2 activities from the ART CHOICE BOARD

    Art Choice Board




    Assignments for the week of 3/30/2020


    Kindergarten:  Artist's Choice

    The student can choose from any one of the activities on this "Free Choice" board.

    The students should have fun with this.  Stick figure drawings are acceptable.  They should do the best they can.

    Free Choice Art Board


    1st Grade:  Hungry Monster Fish



    2nd Grade:  Silhouette Stories





    Kindergarten Plans: At Home work

    Each day the student is to do one activity.


    Day 1:  Your child can do this fun online lesson:  https://kinderart.com/art-lessons/multic/a-box-of-crayons/

    1. Read the poem

    2. Make the crayon picture


    Day 2:  Do this fun online lesson:  https://kinderart.com/art-lessons/drawing/a-drawing-adventure/


    Day 3:  Do this worksheet:

    Color Theory


    Day 4:  Do this worksheet



    Day 5:  Do this worksheet (draw designs, color, cut out, and glue)





    1st Grade Plans: At Home work

    Each day the student is to do one activity.


    Day 1:  Do this online activity:  https://kinderart.com/art-lessons/drawing/advanced-scribble-pictures/


    Day 2:  https://kinderart.com/art-lessons/painting/warm-and-cool-flowers/

    1.  You may do this with crayon or marker


    Day 3: Do this worksheet

    Word Search


    Day 4:  Write a Cave Art story using the symbols from this worksheet

    Native American Cave Art Symbols


    Day 5:    Please name the diffrent countries in North America.  Color each country a different color

    North American Map



    2nd Grade Plans: At Home work

    Each day the student is to do one activity


    Day 1:  Do this online activity:  https://kinderart.com/art-lessons/painting/name-color-wheels/


    Day 2:   Do this worksheet

    Native American Tribe Word Search


    Day 3:  Do this worksheet (Color in the Dreamcatcher)

    Dream Catcher Coloring Page


    Day 4:   Do this worksheet

    Landscape activity


    Day 5:   Do this worksheet

    Totem Pole Coloring Sheet