• Welcome to Technology and Engineering Education at Pottsgrove Middle School.  Students will be introduced to a wide array of Industrial Technologies.  There is a total of 15 different Modules (learning centers), each having a different Technology that the students will be able to explore. Our Curriculum covers Technology in the five major Clusters of: Manufacturing, Bio-Technology, Transportation, Communications, and Construction.
    Our curriculum is called Tech-Design.  Tech-Design® curriculum is multimedia-based courseware.  Equipment and/or software provided enhance students’ understanding of the curriculum by providing opportunities for real-world application of knowledge.
    Modules currently available at Pottsgrove Middle School are as follows:  CNC Milling, Automation and Robotics, Controls and Sensors, Biotechnology, Plastics Technology, Flight Simulation, Engineering and Stress Analysis, Auto Exploration, Exploratory Electronics, Fluid Power, Alternative Energy, Meteorology and Weather Forecasting, Computer Aided Design, Animation, and Fiber Optics and Lasers.
    Students assigned to Technology and Engineering Education will spend time at several different Modules per year as assigned by the classroom management system.  Over 60 different experiments will be performed within a rotation.  All supplies will be made available within the classroom. 


     NASA STS 130