• Week of May 4th- Check out the app called 'Staff Wars' to practice your note naming.


    Click here for this week's practice challenge called 'Metronome Measures.'

    1. Download any type of metronome on your device.  

    2. Pick 1-2 challenging measures of BANDROOM BOOGIE.  If you are proficient at Bandroom Boogie then pick an exercise or piece in your lesson book.

    3. Set a slow tempo on the metronome and play those 1-2 measures correctly ten times in a row.  Color in a star for each time you play the measures with no mistakes.  As you make progress, increase the tempo on the metronome.  



    Past assignments: 

    Week of April 27th-  Make sure you are praciting Bandroom Boogie and are able to play it all the way through with no stops


    Week of April 14th- Send me a video (through email or dojo) of the Band Karate belt you are currently working on!  I will send you feedback and let you know if you have earned the belt.


    Week of April 6th-Your challenge this week is to complete the 'Practice Pyramid' sheet 

    with a new exercise or song in your lesson book.