• Week of May 4th- Check out the app called 'Staff Wars' to practice your note naming.


    Click here for this week's practice challenge called 'Metronome Measures.'

    1. Download any type of metronome on your device.  

    2. Pick 1-2 challenging measures of any piece you are working on.

    3. Set a slow tempo on the metronome and play those 1-2 measures correctly ten times in a row.  Color in a star for each time you play the measures with no mistakes.  As you make progress, increase the tempo on the metronome.  


    Past Assignments:  


    Week of April 27-  Check off the 3rd box on your concert checklist for each piece of music  

    Week of April 20th-  Click here to play along to Starsplitter Fanfare while being conducted by the actual composer of the piece, Brian Balmages.  The link will take you to a website called SmartMusic. Scroll down to Starsplitter Fanfare, then choose your instrument from the drop down menu. You will watch the conductor and play along.



    Week of April 14th- check off the 2nd box of your Advanced Band Concert Checklist for each of the concert pieces.  Become proficient in the following:

    1. Recognizing note names 

    2. Knowing correct fingerings 

    3. Performing correct rhythms

    4. Play through the section with no hesitations

    Also check out the accidentals exercises page.  If you don't remember the fingering or position for the new note look it up in the back of your lesson book. 


    Week of April 6th-Your challenge this week is to complete the 'Practice Pyramid' sheet 

    with a challenging excerpt from one of your concert pieces.

    Week of March 30-  Work on the 1st box of your concert checklist. Make sure you are proficient in playing the measures assigned for each concert piece.