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Eligibility & FAQs

In order for a boy/girl to compete in interscholastic athletics and all programs defined as co-curricular, he/she must fulfill all the regulations and requirements set forth by the P.I.A.A. and the Pottsgrove School District. The major requirements are as follows for all athletes and students who participate in co-curricular programs including but not limited to clubs, theater, dance, musical and service programs:          

  1. Must be amateurs

  2. Cannot play under an assumed name

  3. Cannot receive money

  4. Cannot sign a contract to play for a professional team

  5. Must receive a cumulative passing grade in four credits as per Article IX, Section I, P.I.A.A. – How to Ascertain Class Standing

Scholastic eligibility shall be determined by ascertaining the pupil’s class standing in each subject, at intervals of one week, during the current marking period. Class standing is defined as the grade or mark in a given subject for all work covered from the beginning of the marking period to the current week in that marking period to date. Weekly marks shall be effective for a period of one week from the date of issue. If the official report as recorded on the pupil’s report card shows that a pupil is ineligible, he/she shall remain ineligible until his/her back work has been made up, in conformity with the requirements of this article.

How Academic Ineligibility Affects Participation:

A student/athlete must have a minimum of a 65% grade for the current marking period in at least 4.0 credit subjects as per the P.I.A.A. constitution and by-laws and Pottsgrove’s policy to be deemed eligible to participate. If a student/athlete does not have a 65% or better for 4.0 credits they are ineligible to participate and the following guidelines apply:

  • High School Students: All students who participate in co-curricular programs may not be failing 2 or more major subjects, while maintaining a minimum of passing 4.0 credits.

  • Middle School Students: All students who participate in co-curricular programs may not fail more than a total of 2 subjects, whether they are major or elective classes.

  • Both HS and MS Students will be permitted one week of a probationary period to improve their grade by the following Friday at 3:00 pm. If after one week they have not met the academic criteria and are not passing the required 4.0 credits per PIAA By-Laws, they will be ineligible for the following week. If a student does not meet the academic standard after 3 consecutive weeks, they will be removed from the program for a period of 15 school days for yearly co-curricular programs and/or the remainder of that season for an athlete. 


A student/athlete who is ineligible will not be able to participate in a contest and the following practices will be held:

  • Will not be dismissed early from school to attend a contest of his/her particular team

  • May attend a home game after the conclusion of the regular school day and any additional academic assistance that may be been assigned to them. Student/athlete is not permitted to dress in uniform, however, they may wear their team jersey.

  • Participants may attend an evening contest provided they have completed the regular school day, if the game is an away contest and the athletes are not dismissed early, the student-athlete may attend via team bus. Student/athlete is not permitted to dress in uniform, however, they may wear their team jersey.

  • All students who are ineligible must attend at least 3 sessions of additional classroom and/or tutorial sessions to return to their respective team or program.

Article III, Section II – How Absence Affects Eligibility and Participation:

  • Contests: A pupil who has been absent from school during a semester for a total of twenty or more school days shall not be eligible to participate in any athletic contest until he/she has been in attendance for a total of forty-five school days following his/her twentieth day of absence. Exceptions are death in immediate family, confining illness or injury; such excused absences may be waived by the P.I.A.A. District One Committee at a hearing.

  • Practices: A pupil may practice during this ineligible period due to absences.

  • Must attend school the day of the game/practice. Any exception to the rule must have the prior approval of the Director of Athletics and the Principal. In the case of illness, the high school participant/ athlete must be in school by 8:00 a.m. The middle school participant / athletes must be in school by 8:30 am.  If the nurse sends the participant / athlete home, they may not participate that day. Doctor’s appointments are legitimate excuses for tardiness, however, appointment cards must be presented to both the attendance desk and the athletic office prior to the event/practice.

Additional Requirements:

  • Behavior unbecoming a participant / athlete, could result in the Athletic Director/Principal revoking the privilege of a student to participate in an athletic event.

  • If the age of 19 is attained on or after July 1st, the pupil shall be eligible to compete in athletics through that school year.

  • Athlete must return all equipment for a sport or they cannot participate in the next season. Example: football equipment returned before the start of wrestling.

  • The P.I.A.A. provides a student the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics for a period of not more than 8 consecutive semesters beyond the eighth grade and 4 consecutive semesters beyond sixth grade.