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     Falcon Four  
    Language Arts- Supplies
       Throughout the school year, the students will need the following materials for their class activities: pencils, pens, highlighters, a three-section notebook, post-it notes, and a homework assignment book.
       Thank you for your support! 
    Letter to Parents, Guardians, and Students: 


    “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” (John Dewey).





       The Reading Seminar program offers students an opportunity to develop life-long organizational, reading, and communication skills.


       The curriculum is designed to introduce an appreciation of literature through a genre and thematic approach. Literature is highlighted in respective quarterly units, including the following reading genres(fiction/ nonfiction): short story, drama, poetry, and novel. Scaffolding reading strategies and critical thinking activities are selected to help the students examine literary concepts (literary elements, literary devices, text organization, customs and values of the content in comparison to previously read literature).


       Written and verbal communication skills will be emphasized and practiced through the study of sentence patterns, grammar, vocabulary, the writing process, writing styles (informational essay/ short answer test, journal responses, graphic organizers, note taking, and cause/ effect paragraphs, research), while both the small and large group discussions, as well as, individual presentations are intended to improve speaking skills.


       Written, reading, or study homework assignments will usually be given on a daily basis. Please check this site for the up-to-date specific assignments, which are shared according to grade level.


      “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence” (Abigail Adams). I look forward towards an exciting, fun-filled year!





    Jane-marie McEachern, M.S.

    LReading Seminar Instructor


    (Note: This document is not to be used without my permission. Thank you.)

    Some Helpful Suggestions
    *  Homework assignments, both written and study, are listed for you; it is also very wise to develop organizational skills to make certain that you note all
       the assignments on a daily basis. 
    *  Be adventurous! Read! Read! Read!- twenty minutes a day.
    *  Be positive! 
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