Welcome to Mr. Palladino's Team 7-2 Life Science Course

  • Scientist looking through microscope Use this webpage to enhance your educational experience!  The site will consist of documents, assignments and announcements that can be used to support and supplement our day to day activities.  This particular page will be used to access basic information about the course.


Course Description

  • During seventh grade, students will be given the opportunity to delve into the interesting subject of life science, also known as biology.  Throughout the school year learners will be challenged to master new vocabulary, respond to thought provoking writing prompts, perform laboratory investigations, create interesting projects, and collaborate with peers, among many other activities.   Students will be exposed to many topics that will prepare them for the next level of their educational careersTopics that we cover will include:
                   1.  Scientific Inquiry (Scientific Method review)
                   2.  Characteristics of Living Things/ Taxonomy (the study of the classification of organisms)
                   3.  Intro to Cytology (the study of cells)
                   4.  Cell Processes
                   5.  Genetics
                   6.  Changes Over Time (the Theory of Evolution)
                   7.  Biodiversity
                         a.  Viruses and Bacteria
                         b.  Protists and Fungi
                         c.  Plants
                         d.  Animals

Life Science Course Documents