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    . . . and welcome to Mr. Reifinger's webpage! Here you will find information about your child's language arts class, including homework assignments, upcoming events and assessments, and materials that your child will need for class.

    I welcome any questions or comments that you may have! My e-mail address is in the "About Me" section of this webpage. Please feel free to click on it and send me a message any time you have a question or a comment about your child's progress.

    In my class, we will focus on skills and strategies that will help your child to be even more successful in the areas of reading and writing. I will also show your child just how exciting and fun reading and writing can be! I have an extensive collection of high-interest books (from which your child is welcome to borrow), as well as a growing collection of graphic novels.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

    Email: treifinger@pgsd.org

    Phone: 610-326-8243 x2301