Mrs. Rutter       American History Text
    Welcome to Social Studies American History Class and
    7th Grade ELA class
    Mrs. Susan Rutter Room 310
     Supply List for 2022-2023
    Charged iPad with earbuds
     Spiral notebooks--2 or 3 notebooks, either spiral notebooks or composition books are fine--to be used throughout the entire school year.
    writing utensils--(lots of pencils and/or blue/black pens)
    colored pencils- 3 packs of colored pencils to be used for maps throughout the entire school year...not all will be used at the beginning of the school year
    2-3 jumbo glue sticks--all of the glue sticks will not be used in the first few days of school...this supply will hopefully last your child the entire school year in Social Studies class. 
                                                                    Students will have access to a textbook using iPad
                                                                   Textbooks available for home, 
                                                                   If requested.