Department Overview


    The Facilities Department of the Pottsgrove School District is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of all of the District facilities, consisting of an administrative team, maintenance technicians, custodians and grounds keepers the department is currently staffed with 36 employees. The Facilities Department also provides oversight of the Capital Projects Program for the District, investing more than $13,000,000.00 in the building and campus improvements since 2001.

    Comprised of Pottsgrove High School/District Office, Pottsgrove Middle School, Lower Elementary, Ringing Rocks Elementary and West Pottsgrove Elementary Schools, Pottsgrove School District is built on 161 acres of land in Lower Pottsgrove, Upper Pottsgrove and West Pottsgrove Townships and has a total building footprint of approximately 587,600 square feet.

    The Facilities Department is committed to provide environmentally friendly facilities for the Pottsgrove Community through the implementation of many initiatives. Working under the guidelines of the Environmental Protections Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star and Tools for Schools programs Pottsgrove has decreased energy consumption and improved indoor air quality across the District. Learn more about the Facilities Department and it’s initiatives by clicking on the appropriate link.

    The Facilities Department has been been awarded the 2011 Gold Award of Excellence in School Facilities by the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials for their outstanding operations in facilities management.

Contact Information

  • J. Cardwell

    Jeffrey Cardwell
    Director of Facilities and Physical Plants
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1005

    Perry Rosado
    Custodial Supervisor
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 7477

    Kay Sisko
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1035