Department Overview

  • The Facilities and Building Operations Department is responsible for supporting the Pottsgrove School District’s mission and vision statement and keeping ourdepartment and work aligned with the overarching goal to support the education and development of the children and their families whom we all serve.

    The district is comprised of Pottsgrove High School/District Office, Pottsgrove Middle School, Lower Elementary, Ringing Rocks Elementary and West Pottsgrove Elementary Schools.  Pottsgrove School District is built on 161 acres of land in Lower Pottsgrove, Upper Pottsgrove and West Pottsgrove Townships and has a total building footprint of approximately 600,000 square feet. These facilities are intended to provide a clean, safe, secure and education friendly environment for students, staff and administrators.

    We believe that it is the facilities department’s duty to provide these services on the most economically feasible basis to support the deployment of resources for the benefit of educational goals for the district. Implicit in this statement is the requirement that each staff member accept responsibility for the accomplishment of these goals

About Mr. Cardwell

  • Jeffrey D. Cardwell is the Director of Facilities and Operations for Pottsgrove School District.  Mr. Cardwell has extensive experience in supporting the operational systems in elementary and secondary educational organizations. His experience in operational systems extends beyond the Pottsgrove School District to include three leadership positions within a large urban school district.  Mr. Cardwell has successfully maintained positions in the School District of Philadelphia as the Executive Director of Maintenance, Senior Vice President of Facilities and Operations, Acting Chief Support Service Officer, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer. 

    Jeffrey Cardwell’s previous skill-related experiences in operational systems included managing 5 departments, thirteen divisions: maintenance, building engineering and custodial service, grounds maintenance, pest control, waste management, training center, fiscal office, energy management, large contract services, purchasing and warehouse, fleet, student records, print shop and mail room. He reformed a Facilities and Operations department by implementing best practices in allocating resources, scheduling of work, managing staff, and customer service. In addition, he successfully negotiated a collective bargaining agreement with a union representing a total of 2700 employees in the School District of Philadelphia and the Pottsgrove School District.

    Prior to his experiences in educational organizations, Mr. Cardwell developed his leadership and collaborative experiences in local government agencies for over twenty years, of which thirteen years were in leadership positions. His government career consisted of working in three departments, with vast experience from being a horse-mounted Park Ranger in Fairmount Park to the Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Recreation and then Deputy Commissioner of The Philadelphia Department of Public Property.

    Jeffery Cardwell’s career has been marked by major success in management reform and inter-governmental relations. He is known as a collaborator, project manager and operations manager.


    Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University

    Certification in Recreation Management, Temple University

    Additional training in Park and Recreation Maintenance Management, Playground Safety Inspection, Labor Relations for Managers and Risk Management Safety in the work place.

Contact Information

  • J. Cardwell

    Jeffrey Cardwell
    Director of Facilities and Operations
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1005

    Perry Rosado
    Custodial Supervisor
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 7477

    Dian Winner
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1035