Department Overview

    The Office of Business Affairs is instrumental in assuring that funding for Pottsgrove's educational needs is well-managed while maintaining oversight of the critical support operations such as transportation, food service, and facilities. Pottsgrove maintains an excellent bond rating thanks to sound fiscal management practices and excellent long-range financial planning.

Contact Information

    David Nester, CPA
    Business Administrator
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1004
    Ron Linke
    Assistant Business Administrator
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1024
    Tara Mossman
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1014
    Joyce Dawson
    Accounts Payable
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1016
    Kay Sisko
    Payroll Specialist
    610.327.2277 ext. 1015
    Bobbi Oxenford
    Child Accounting
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1040