Business Affairs

  • The mission of the Office of Business Affairs is to provide the stable financial platform necessary to maintain the integrity of classroom instruction in Pottsgrove School District without unnecessarily burdening our taxpayers. 

    The Office manages all financial transactions for the District including, but not limited to, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, investments, financing, and capital acquisitions.  The Department is also responsible for budgeting and financial reporting.

    In addition, the Office of Business Affairs provides management oversight of other critical support operations for the District, including:

    · Registration

    · Child Accounting

    · Employee Benefits Administration

    · School-Based ACCESS

    · Facilities

    · Food Service

    · Transportation

Contact Us

  • Deborah Klahold
    Business Administrator
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1024
    Jenna Rushin
    Accounts Payable
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1061
    Kay Sisko
    Staff Accountant
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1015
    JoAnn Hyde
    Payroll Specialist
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1021
    Tracy Gray
    Child Accounting
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1040
    Donna Fedak
    Benefits Specialist
    Phone: 610.327.2277 ext. 1014