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    Department Mission:


    The Pottsgrove School District Technology Department mission is to provide seamless technology, data, and communication services and support that empower the District to achieve its goals outlined in the Comprehensive Plan for Continuous Improvement and mission to educate and inspire all students to excel as productive, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners.


    Middle School Robotics Students The Pottsgrove School District is committed to leveraging the technologies that support data-driven planning, teaching and learning. It is our belief that the thoughtful integration of appropriate technology, used in an ethical and efficient manner, is critical to the advancement of the overall mission of the Pottsgrove School District to educate and inspire all students to excel as productive, responsible citizens and life-long learners.

    To live, learn and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society, students must be able to use technology productively. Within an effective educational setting, the investments we make in technology can enable students to become capable information seekers, analyzers, and evaluators; problem solvers and decision makers; creative and effective users of productivity tools; communicators, collaborators, publishers and producers; and informed,responsible and contributing digital citizens.

    Pottsgrove provides a fiber optic wide area network and a robust wired and wireless infrastructure supporting Windows desktops and laptops, MacBooks and iPads in our Digital Learning Environment (DiLE) 1:1 program. Our goal is to be a model for the seamless integration of technologies that foster greater precision in teaching and engagement in learning.

    The technology department at Pottsgrove supports the district in a wide variety of areas in and out of the classroom including computer, phone, software and network support, internal and state reporting, internal and external communication, data-informed decision-making, professional development, and initiatives in curriculum, assessment and special education.

    Please refer back to this site often as a resource for information relevant to the technologies used in our schools and tips to keep children safe on the Internet. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.   



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