Office of Technology

  • Each morning of every school day, our students arrive to learn and to gain world experience. It is the curriculum that drives us and the technology, our tool by which we (students, staff and community), collaborate and connect - each day...everyone.

    Both teachers and learners, leverage the many technologies to a level where these tools are woven into the fabric of the culture of our district. It is our belief that the thoughtful integration of appropriate technology, used in an ethical and efficient manner, is critical to the advancement of the overall mission of the Pottsgrove School District to educate and inspire all students to excel as productive, responsible citizens and life-long learners. Students must live, learn and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society. Therefore, students must be able to use technology productively and communicate, collaborate and contribute as responsible digital citizens.

    The PGSD Technology Department provides many services to support the client and classroom technology throughout all our buildings. Along with other classroom technologies, students in grades K-5 will each receive an iPad, from a class-set stored in the classroom. Grade 6-8 students will receive an iPad that they are allowed to bring home. Grade 9-12 students will receive a Macbook to be used in-school and at home. As the expectation for our students to use technology as a learning tool is paramount, so too is our work to maintain the technology with an eye towards safety and integrity.


  • Jeff Buettler, M.I.S., Director

    Sue McGroarty, Secretary

    Charles Applegate, Systems Engineer

    Richard Grove, Network Engineer

    April Koss, Student System Specialist

    Rebecca Luft, Data Systems Specialist


    Support Specialists

    Sean Day

    Trevor Hallman

    Jacob Rulli

    Alejandro Velasquez