•  Welcome to Second Grade
    Owl reading a book.
    Mrs. Brenda Hoch
    Second Grade Teacher
    610-323-6510 ext. 5020
    School supplies needed by students in my classroom...this may differ than other teachers.
    Three hole punch folder
    Dry erase markers
    Dry erase eraser (old sock would do)
    #2 pencils (we go through a lot of pencils)
    Earbuds come in handy throughout the school year as well.
    pencil pouch for inside binder
    and many other things....
    Below you will find inportant information that you may need throughout the school.

    Welcome to Second Grade

    Welcome to second grade. The second grade teachers have prepared the following packet to try to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have regarding your child’s second grade experience. If you have a question that is not answered in this packet, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Below and in the following pages, you will find information that will help you and your child experience a successful year in second grade. Our goal is to help each child find success in all academic areas, through a safe and disciplined learning environment. If, at any time, you have concerns regarding your child’s academic or emotional growth, please contact your child’s teacher. It is through our partnership that your child will experience a successful year in second grade.


    Curriculum Outline

    The second grade schedule allows for uninterrupted learning periods in class. The schedule can be found at the end of this paragraph. The purpose of this schedule is to allow all children to be in class for language arts and math. The schedule has a “Tier Time” period where children may be pulled out for reading, math, speech, etc. This period is a time where we can create learning centers to focus on the needs of all the children in our class. This helps ensure that every child is receiving the necessary instruction needed in all subject areas.


    Daily Schedule/Routine Mrs. Hoch

    Morning Arrival: 8:40 – 9:00 am

    Classroom Routines: 9:00 – 9:10 am

    Math: 9:10 – 10:00 am 

    Special: 10:05 – 10:50 am 

    Lunch: 11:15 – 11:45 am (All Second Grade)

    Reading/Language Arts 11:45-12:35 pm (All Second Grade)

    NEW TIME ------Tier Time/ELA: 12:35-1:10 pm (All Second Grade)

    Reading/Language Arts 1:10 - 1:45 pm (All Second Grade)

    Recess: 1:45-2:15 pm (All Second Grade)

    Science/Social Studies/Writing 2:15-3:20 pm

    Dismissal Begins: 3:25 pm



    Reading and Language Arts – Reading Wonders

           Reading Wonders is a comprehensive program that Pottsgrove uses as a resource to provide students with instruction, inspiring content, and purposeful technology as Reading, English, and Language Arts are explored. Students will compare and contrast books across a variety of genres. Students will use this resource daily for writing, spelling, language arts, and reading activities.

           As parents and families of a Pottsgrove student, you will notice that your child(ren) will investigate reading across a variety of themes. All activities reinforce a particular skill or concept that is directly related to a PA Core Standard. You may also see students using an online component for learning. While all students will use this during the school day, some students may log on at home as well.

           Pottsgrove teachers have designed pacing guides so that all students in each grade level, regardless of the teacher, will learn the same content and be assessed in the same way.



           The Math in Focus program is a resource utilized to support the Pottsgrove School District elementary mathematics curriculum. This resource is used in grade kindergarten through fifth grade. It was developed by the practices that are used in Singapore mathematics.

           As is the case for reading instruction, Pottsgrove teachers have designed instructional units so that all students in each grade will receive instruction on the same concepts and skills. Sometimes these skills and concepts are taught at a beginning level, while other concepts are developing or mastered.

    The Math in Focus program is research-based and proven effective because it emphasizes:

    • Use of concrete, real-life examples that are meaningful and memorable as an introduction of key mathematical concepts.
    • Repeated exposures to mathematical concepts and skills to develop children’s ability to recall knowledge from long-term memory.
    • Frequent practice of basic computation skills to build mastery of procedures and quick recall of facts, often through games and verbal exercises.
    • Use of multiple methods and problem-solving strategies to foster true proficiency and accommodate different learning styles.



    Communication between parents and a teacher is vital in your child’s education. We will make every effort to return calls quickly. We will also call you if we ever have a concern or news to share. Please do not hesitate to do the same.

           We also send weekly newsletters home to inform you of what we are doing for the upcoming week. If you should have a comment or a question about anything, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, either by note, phone or email. The phone number for the school is 610-323-6510 and teacher emails and phone extensions can be found at the end of this packet.

           The other key piece to successful learning is the partnership between home and school. Children need to know that we are on the same team – parents and teachers. They need to understand that, together; we want them to experience success in their academic career. This partnership is essential if we want children to reach their fullest potential. The binders students are using are important tools for home-school communication. The students should bring their binder home daily and return it the next day of school. Parents are expected to go through it each evening with their child.



           Your child will receive homework assignments Monday through Thursday. We try not to give homework over the weekend because we believe that weekends are meant for family time. However, occasional weekend assignments may be necessary due to the 6-day cycle. Your child’s homework load may range from one to three assignments daily, depending on what is occurring in class.


    Report Cards

           The PA Core Standards focus each school district’s attention on what each student needs to know and be able to do by the end of each grade level. As a result, teachers continually collect evidence that demonstrates each student’s progress toward the standards. It is important to note that students may demonstrate evidence in a variety of ways. This may include verbal communication with a teacher, completing a performance task, taking a test, identifying a project, etc. The goal is to collect as much information that shows how a student is progressing toward each standard. Since each student learns differently, it is important to offer students multiple ways of demonstrating understanding.

    The Pottsgrove School District elementary report cards provide parents and students with indicators in each of the content areas. These indicators provide information about how students are moving toward understanding. As a result, it is communicated if students are exceeding, meeting, or beginning with each indicator.



           In keeping with the district policy, birthday food treats will NOT be permitted in the schools. If your child would like to celebrate his or her birthday with the class, you are welcome to send in a non-food based item. For those children with summer birthdays, feel free to choose a day towards the end of the year on which your child’s birthday will be acknowledged. Everyone likes to spend a little time in the spotlight. We are not allowed to let children go to other classrooms to deliver items to friends or other teachers.



           Daily attendance is essential for success in second grade. On the day your child returns to school after an absence, please send in an absentee note stating the reason for the absence. If it will be an extended period, please notify the school so that work can be sent to the office for you to pick up. A doctor’s note is required if your child is absent more than three days at a time. If a note is not returned within three days of being back to school, the absence will be considered unlawful.

           If your child arrives to school later than 9:00, he or she must report to the office to get a pass. If your child is buying lunch, please be sure to let the office know at that time. This will help avoid any confusion during lunch.

           Students leaving early or coming late because of an appointment, must have a note from the office they were visiting. If a note is not brought in, the tardiness or early dismissal will be coded as unlawful.


    Special Forms

           Please be advised that there are special forms on the district website to be used for educational trip excuses, medication given at school and custodial rights.


    Alternative Transportation

           If your child is going home any other way than the usual, we must have it in writing. If someone else is picking up your child, we must have it in writing. Without a written note, we cannot release him or her to anyone else. If your child is being picked up by car, you will meet your child in the parking lot as you enter the school. Without a note changing your child’s regular dismissal procedure, we must send your child home his or her usual way. When in doubt, please write a note.


    Class Trips

           Trips are taken throughout the school year. If any parent or guardian wishes to accompany the class as a chaperone, please send a note to school as soon as the field trip forms are sent. There will be a spot for you to sign on the permission slip. If we have too many volunteers, we will have a drawing to choose who can attend.



           The P.T.A. members work hard to provide a variety of services for the students at West Pottsgrove Elementary School. Some of these services include helping to pay for field trips, classroom books, assemblies and field day t-shirts. The P.T.A. is always looking for volunteers. If you are willing to volunteer your time, your help is appreciated. It costs $5.00 per family to join the P.T.A. Meetings are held in the library and a notice will be sent home with time and date. It is a great opportunity to meet other parents and learn more about our school and community.



           The cafeteria offers breakfast and lunch daily. Children have the option of going to breakfast when they arrive at school. It is served from 8:40 until 9:00. The cost for breakfast is $1.70. A good breakfast is necessary for learning to take place. If you would like more information, please call the school office. Second grade eats lunch from

    11:15–11:45 am every day. The cost of lunch is $2.70. Please send in lunch money in an envelope or baggie with your child’s full name and teacher written on it.