• Welcome to Ms. Kratz's 8th Grade Science Classes
    Contact information:  akratz@pgsd.org
      On this page, you will find an overview of the 8th grade Physical Science and Honors Biology curricula.  All other information can be found in Schoology.
    Physical Science Course Description
    Physical science is the study of inanimate natural objects, including chemistry and physics.  During their time in 8th grade, students will be exposed to this fascinating subject.  Students will be challenged to master new vocabulary, demonstrate critical thinking skills, respond to thought provoking questions, perform laboratory experiments, create projects, collaborate with peers, and participate in many other activities.   This course is designed to prepare students for the next level of their education.  Topics that will be covered throughout the course are:
       1. Scientific Inquiry
       2. Chemistry Basics
       3. Force and Motion
       4. Work and Energy
       5. Sound and Light Electricity and Magnetism
    Honors Biology Course Description
    Honors Biology covers topics typically covered in a high school biology course and prepares students for Advanced Placement Biology. Students study the structures, functions, and processes of living organisms and their interactions with the environment. Topics that will be covered throughout the course are:
    1.  Basic Biological Principles
    2.  The Chemical Basis of Life
    3.  Bioenergetics
    4.  Homeostasis and Transport
    5.  Cell Growth and Reproduction
    6.  Genetics and Protein Synthesis
    7.  Theory of Evolution
    8.  Ecology